Web and Audio Conferencing

Increase Productivity with Nationwide Conferencing Solutions

These days, collaboration is necessary for maximum output on projects. BullsEye improves collaboration simply and more cost-effectively with nationwide conferencing solutions. Now you increase your remote worker capabilities with BullsEye audio conferencing capabilities or collaborate with your clients with web conferencing from a single provider.

Audio and Web Conferencing Brings Your Remote Team and Your Clients Together While Helping You Save More

Get more done and increase your bottom line with secure, interactive and highly collaborative tools with on-demand reservationless audio conferencing. Manage your conference independently or get help with an operator-assisted call, collaboration has never been easier with BullsEye conferencing services.

Plan and execute your meetings and directly engage with your clients while saving time and money with our on-demand remote conferencing services.

Keep Your Meetings on File for Greater Accuracy

Sure, you can have a scribe take notes, nothing beats the accuracy of a recorded meeting. Reuse your meetings as a valuable training resource, for client interaction or employee skill building. If you’re hosting a webinar, record your conference session for later playback at different sessions.

  • Reduced travel expenses lead to reduced total cost of ownership
  • Record your meeting proceedings and replay recordings
  • Improve collaboration and increase audience interaction
  • Immediate on-demand scheduling, allowing for timely coordination and distribution of critical business information and decisions because of your ability to communicate 24/7/365
  • On-hand access to meeting information, recorded conferences and online meetings at any time
  • Meet at your convenience with on-demand conferencing
  • Audio, web and video portions of the meeting all launch automatically with a single click for meeting entry
  • Schedule and manage contacts from Outlook for web conferencing
  • Meeting information automatically populates your email invitation
  • Send scheduled reminders
  • Manage directly from your calendar
  • Only pay for what you use -- there are no monthly subscription fees or registration costs
  • Access to operator-led conferences provide a polished, more professional experience for events such as press conferences, shareholder meetings, product introductions, etc.
  • Enhanced feature set, including: Post Conference Summary, Recording with Playback, CD or ZIP files, Transcription
  • Low per-minute rate for web conferencing for up to 3,000 participants
  • Low per-minute rate for always-on, immediate audio conferencing for up to 125 participants
  • Problem diagnosis
  • Repair of existing lines and wall jacks for all subscribed telephone numbers
  • No dispatch fees for covered repairs
  • We’ll get back to you within 24 hours
  • 30-day guarantee on all work


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