11 Reasons to Make the Switch to a Cloud Phone System

There are many good reasons to switch to a cloud phone system – especially if you’re a fast-growing, multi-location business.

This article is our take on the top 11 reasons to make the switch.

1. Save money.

Moving your phone system into the cloud typically saves money in the long run, especially if your company is growing and has multiple locations.

The cost savings are magnified for multi-location businesses because they can avoid having to install PBX hardware at each location and instead manage their phone system across all locations through a single cloud phone subscription.

2. Complete scalability.

Cost savings are often all it takes to convince companies to switch to cloud phones. But money is certainly not the only reason to make the switch.

Cloud phone systems scale easily and can therefore grow as your business grows. If you need more phone lines tomorrow, just ask your provider to adjust your subscription. It’s as simple as that – no need to call your IT experts to set up new phone line connections.

3. Flexibility to pick and choose features.

With cloud phones, you can adjust your subscription as your needs change. For instance, if you find that you are receiving a lot of phone calls outside of business hours, you could opt for an auto attendant with a prerecorded message and a touchtone system for customers to navigate common issues/questions and leave a message for the appropriate staff member.

4. Increase productivity.

Studies have demonstrated the power of good communication networks in increasing productivity and fostering innovation. By making it easier for employees across various company locations to communicate and collaborate, you improve the overall productivity of your teams.

No more fumbling with old technology – use a single platform with up-to-date features like videoconferencing or instant messaging to get the job done right.

5. Improve customer service.

Your company won’t only benefit internally, but externally as well. By improving your phone system, your customers will find it much easier to resolve their problems. You can even use your cloud phone system to present customers with prerecorded solutions to common problems. That means fewer headaches for your customer service team and happier customers.

6. Stay online longer.

When your phone system is hosted in the cloud you don’t have to deal with technical problems keeping your employees locked out of your phone system. Cloud service providers maintain a high quality of service and guarantee consistent uptime, so you don’t have to worry about connectivity issues.

7. Take your business on the road.

With cloud phone systems it’s easy to add calling functionality to mobile devices – whether they’re owned by your company or by your employees (as in a bring-your-own-device BYOD policy). You can connect to your cloud phone system from anywhere with an internet connection, so your employees can telecommute and stay connected to the office while travelling.

8. Enterprise quality for a small-business price.

Economies of scale have allowed cloud phone providers to offer high-quality features and functionality that were previously only available to enterprises with huge IT budgets. Now small businesses can take advantage of features like voicemail to email, auto attendant, and advanced functionality through unified communications.

9. Take control of telecom invoices.

With a cloud phone system that serves multiple offices you can consolidate your telecom bills into a single bill and save your accounting team from invoice overload.

10. Integrate your communication systems into a single platform.

With a cloud phone system you can take and make calls from any internet-connected device. You have many options. For instance, you can have a voice conversation using your computer’s microphone and speakers while reviewing their account information on-screen – there’s no need to switch your attention from your desk phone to your computer. And if you need to take the conversation on the go, simply transfer it to your mobile phone with one click.

11. Become the office hero.

Your coworkers will thank you for making the decision to switch to a cloud phone system. They’ll enjoy the freedom of a communications system that works around their needs, rather than a system that constrains their ability to collaborate effectively.

Don’t be surprised if you find your employee satisfaction and productivity levels go up dramatically after making the switch.

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