3 Benefits of Using Unified Communications for Remote Workers

Unified Communications (UC) applications have made it easy and more efficient for companies to connect with employees no matter where they are.

With the ability to connect mobile devices, host video meetings and communicate with co-workers via instant messaging, UC doesn’t only benefit in-office employees, but remote employees as well. That being said, here are three ways that remote workers can benefit from using a UC application.

1. Preserves Team Camaraderie

Remote employees may feel a little uneasy because of the fact that they won’t be able to physically connect with their co-workers. This can result in a loss of team camaraderie. With features like voice, instant messaging and video, UC helps remote workers feel like they’re part of the team and connected to the company’s culture.

2. Maintains Work-Life Balance

With the presence of Millennials in the workplace growing, it’s important to understand an employee’s preferences and values, and remote working can be one of them. Many Millennials believe that working remotely allows them to support their lifestyle preferences by bringing a better balance of work and personal needs. When they can accomplish this, they’ll be happier which will lead to a more productive and loyal employee.

3. Gain Access to Same In-Office Telecom Features

Back in the days when Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS) ruled the business telecom world, employees that worked remotely didn’t have access to most of the features that were used in their main office. That has all changed thanks to the birth and growth of VoIP and UC technologies. With remote access to the same features as their office phone, your employees don’t have to be in the office to work efficiently and effectively.

Does your company utilize UC for remote working? If so, were there any other benefits that we missed? Contact us today!

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