3 Benefits of Moving from Plain Old Telephone Service to Integrated Voice

Are you a business owner that wants an alternative solution to your analog voice but you’re tentative about going to a completely Hosted VoIP solution?

Integrated Voice (IV) could be a step in the right direction as you explore the features and capabilities that VoIP has to offer.

Integrated Voice is a VoIP telecom service that converts your business’s current analog phone calls into digital phone calls, by way of an on-site Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA), and routes them over the Internet.

It provides many great benefits to your business and communications. Here are the top three benefits of switching your business’s telecom from POTS to an Integrated Voice service.

Less FCC Regulatory Fees, More Money Saved

With POTS lines, you’ll often have to pay regulatory fees. These are fees that are charged by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that cover the costs of their regulation activities. These fees will rise and add up over time, which means that what you’ll pay on this month’s bill may not be the same as next month’s bill.

Integrated Voice is a VoIP solution, and since the FCC has fewer regulations on VoIP versus POTS, you’ll end up paying less in regulatory fees. This means that you’ll be saving money on your bills every billing period.

A Stepping Stone to Learning New Technology

Learning new hardware or how a phone works be a little scary. With Integrated Voice, you can retain your existing hardware (and all the functions your already familiar with) but benefit from many of the productivity-enhancing features that you get from a Digital Voice solution.

When you’re ready to make a complete switch to a Hosted solution, you’ll already be familiar with the newer Digital Voice features and will not be as overwhelmed.

Save Time on Managing Your Call Features with a Digital Voice Portal

Adding and managing features that are on your POTS system can be a frustrating experience. You’ll end up spending a lot of time calling your provider and waiting on hold for them to add or edit any of your features, which results in a loss of productivity.

Most Integrated Voice providers offer a Digital Voice management portal. This gives you greater flexibility to self-manage your service anytime, from any location.

You can use this portal to manage your call features, reroute calls, review Call Detail Records and even manage your bills and trouble tickets.

If you’re an Integrated Voice customer, what other benefits do you experience by using it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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