3 Ways You’ll See Cost Savings with Voice over Internet Protocol

Many business owners have decided to make the smart decision of switching their telecom solution from a POTS to a VoIP service because of the numerous benefits that it provides.

One of the biggest benefits that business owners get out of using a VoIP system is the significant cost savings that they’ll experience by using it. Here are the top three ways in which you’ll experience cost savings for your business by switching from POTS to VoIP.

1. Only Pay for the Lines (Call Paths) That You’ll Need

It’s hard to determine how many call paths that you’ll actually need when it comes to your POTS solution. If you have too many, then your costs will rise. If you have too little, then you’ll run the risk of not having enough lines to handle any surges in your inbound and outbound call traffic.

Many VoIP providers offer a feature called Burstable Call Paths. This feature is valuable for time periods in which your business experiences a forecasted or unexpected spike in your company’s inbound call volume. Burstable Call Paths allow you to scale up or down the number of lines you have based on your call volume, so you’re eliminating waste by paying for only the lines that you need.

2. Less On-Site Hardware Means Savings on Maintenance Costs

POTS providers will often require you to pay for the maintenance of the equipment and wiring located at your site that is necessary to run the system.

If you use a Hosted VoIP solution, there’s less equipment that you’ll need to maintain and service at your site. This causes a reduced total cost of ownership (since you do not need to pay for an IT department to handle it).

3. Save Money and Time on Upgrading Your System with New Features

Upgrading your POTS-based system with more features can be a hassle. Sure, they can offer some productivity enhancing features, but not only will you have to pay extra fees for them, but you’ll also have to call your provider and wait on hold for them to do it, which leads to a loss of productivity.

With VoIP systems, you’ll have access to many productivity-enhancing features like Call Forwarding, Call Recording, Caller ID, Voicemail to Email, Auto-Attendant, and many more at no cost. You’ll also be able to upgrade your system instantly on your own (via an Internet portal) or by calling an account representative.

Do you currently have a VoIP system in place for your business? If so, are there any other ways in which you have experienced cost savings? Let us know in the comments section below.

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