5 Benefits of Using an Auto-Attendant

Learn about the benefits of a PBX system with an auto-attendant.

Whether you run a small or large business, you are certainly going to need a telephone number. When clients and prospects call your number, you will absolutely need to have someone answering their calls, otherwise, that could be a loss of potential business. Yet, what if you don’t have the capital to implement a fully-staffed call center?

Well, with VoIP systems, you can use the helpful feature called the auto-attendant. Also known as a digital receptionist, an auto-attendant is essentially a voice menu that helps callers navigate your services by directing them to press a button that corresponds to a particular service.

Many companies use auto-attendants that may request you to press 1 for general information about your account, 2 for technical service, all the way down to 0 for customers support. It not only screens and directs calls, but it also connects those calls to the matching extension. This means your callers only need to press a button to get to the right person. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of a PBX system with an auto-attendant.

Cost savings

Imagine how much it would cost your business to hire a full-time receptionist. Not only do you have to pay a competitive salary to get an employable and reliable staff member, but you also need to think of costs such as vacation time, sick leave, health insurance and more. With an auto-attendant package, you can eliminate the need to hire someone. This can offer numerous benefits if your business has a tight operating budget. Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about the cost of training and on boarding. Your auto-attendant can start immediately without any bumps in the road.


Even while you are sleeping, your auto-attendant works for you. Part of expanding your business is catering to a wide variety of clients. To start, prospects and clients need to believe that you are reliable–that they can count on you when they need you. That is exactly what an auto-attendant does. You get to operate 24 hours per day, 7 days a week without having to physically be there and without having to physically manage someone. Your customers are no longer limited by global boundaries or time zones and you shouldn’t be either. The auto-attendant ensures that your clients’ inquiries are properly routed 24 hours per day. As a result, you and your team can revel in the increased business.


The auto-attendant is always ready and always professional. There is a certain type of business etiquette that clients expect if you want to keep and maintain their business. Your auto-attendant is never sick, and it never has a bad day. Not to mention, you have complete control over its welcome message. You can select voice styles, as well. How can you go wrong when you have a professional-sounding auto-attendant to answer all of your calls for you that also fits within your budget? In addition, you can go even further by tailoring your greetings and messages based upon popular holidays and/or seasons of the year.

Minimizes bandwidth use

If you manage a team that works both at home and in the physical office, using a premise-based VoIP system uses network bandwidth to direct calls to any off-site extensions. It does this because all lines are managed by your system. Yet, if you take it up a notch and use a cloud-based system, you can avoid wasting bandwidth for off-site lines since it only utilizes the bandwidth necessary to link the phones hooked up in your office.

Conveniently integrate third-party apps

What if you use a CRM system to manage your customer relationships? Most businesses rely heavily on a CRM system. Well, with a cloud-based VoIP system, you get standard API’s for integrating third-party apps such as your CRM. If you use a premise-based system, you will have to manage the integration and security on your own. A cloud-based system makes access and integration much more straightforward by use of tightly controlled standards that are continually tested.

As you can see, an auto-attendant may be the answer to your phone answering woes. Not to mention, using a cloud-based PBX can help you to integrate not only your third-party apps, but also connect both on-site and off-site extensions with ease.