9 Unexpected VoIP Benefits

Cost savings is important but there are other benefits that can be realized.

Most business managers we speak with who choose to switch their company to VoIP for voice communications do so for a straightforward reason: to save money.

Compared to the cost of traditional telephone systems, VoIP comes out on top, offering far lower (virtually zero) capital costs and stable (yet flexible if your needs change) monthly subscriptions costs.

But when we reconnect with these same managers several months into their VoIP experience, we hear time and time again about some of the unexpected benefits of their VoIP system. Benefits which – had they known about them earlier – would have pushed them to make the switch even faster. We’ve compiled a list of these unexpected benefits below:

1. Extreme user-friendliness

You don’t need an engineering degree to administer a VoIP system. Everything can be controlled from simple dashboards, meaning you can make changes with a few clicks. The hardware’s no issue either. You can use regular desk phones by plugging them into an ethernet port (some older phones will require a small adapter) and that’s it. You’re good to go.

2. Surprising versatility

Many customers are surprised to learn they can use their desktop computers to send and receive phone calls. Not only that, you can use smartphones and tablets as well. Most VoIP services come with an app to connect your devices to your office phone system. That means full connectivity, whenever, wherever.

3. Browser connectivity

Ever visit a website to find a phone number, only to dial the wrong number on your desktop phone by accident?

Computers that are connected to VoIP have a neat and super-useful browser integration feature. That means when you’re browsing websites, phone numbers will appear as click-to-call links. No more copying down numbers wrong and misdialing. Just click and call away.

4. Lifesaving voicemail

Traditional phone systems store voice messages locally, which means that unless you’re at your desk you can’t check your messages. With a VoIP system, you can check your voicemail from anywhere with an internet connection. Just connect to your system from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and get up to speed on the important business calls you missed.

5. Impromptu conference calls

Ever have the urge to set up a conference call, but immediately lose steam after realizing all the steps you’ll have take?

To set up a call with multiple people you’ll have to go into your Outlook calendar to see when everyone’s available, then schedule a meeting for a time everyone can meet. But what if you want to have a quick chat about something that can’t wait until later?

VoIP makes this easy. You can login to your dashboard and see who’s online and available to talk NOW. Then you can reach out to your team members for an impromptu team chat. No need to schedule a call. Just get it done and move on.

6. Convenient portability

Some of our customers have had to move locations afters setting up VoIP. Luckily, moving a VoIP connection is not a problem. The hardware requirements are so minimal that you can easily pick up and go and get up and running at your new location without a breaking a sweat.

7. Efficiency through integration

Many VoIP customers opt to upgrade to unified communications (UC) to manage phone, email, and fax from a single platform. The benefits of this integration are faster response times and boosted productivity.

UC is the natural next step once you get set up with VoIP. And again, there are no unique hardware requirements to do this, which is perfect for companies with remote workers and/or multiple locations.

8. Big-business appearance

A VoIP system can help a small company appear much larger. VoIP services offer features that were once only accessible to large enterprises with the resources to support them.

Take auto attendant for example. This feature automatically fields customer calls and presents callers with a customized message along with various options to route their call. You can also use a virtual phone number to get a local number in an area where you don’t yet have a physical presence.

These kinds of services boost customer confidence and also make it a lot easier to manage customer service calls efficiently. They can make any company appear large and organized.

9. Consolidated management

Many of our multi-location customers have found it a lot easier to manage their telecom invoices after switching to VoIP. A single VoIP service provider can easily replace several different traditional phone system providers, which means you can administer your system from a single source, pay only one bill per month, and go to one company for support. That makes life a lot easier.

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