Employee Benefits of Unified Communications

UC can lead to increased productivity and reduced costs, not to mention a happier workforce.

The most valuable asset of any company is the employees. If they do not have an environment conducive to productivity, then their work and your customer service and bottom line are going to suffer.

An element of a productive workplace you may not be familiar with is unified communications. If you have yet to integrate this into your business operations, you may be missing out on a number of benefits including increased professional presence, reduced costs and increased productivity.

UC is a convergence of data, video and voice services, as well as software applications that help businesses achieve superior collaboration among groups or individuals, improving all business processes along the way. Some of the essential components of UC include: instant messaging, presence technologies, smartphones, unified messaging and video conferencing. While UC benefits your business, it also benefits your employees. Some of the benefits offered to employees include the following.

Offers more freedom for employees

When you integrate unified messaging, it can turn an email account into a central hub where all the incoming messages from various sources can land in one location. This means that employees can easily work from anywhere. Your employee email can also serve as a hub for recorded phone calls and voicemail.

Encourages collaboration among employees

With video conferencing playing a bigger role in daily communications than ever before, being able to support the video features in text messaging is almost essential. With unified communications the platform will be able to facilitate audio, web and video conferences and generate additional collaboration among the entire organization.

Increases worker productivity

Consider how much time customers and clients may waste trying to reach a certain employee in your company. When you embrace unified communication platforms, businesses are able to integrate hosted pbx phone systems with all the features of business grade phone systems in order to streamline their operations. With these services, your employees will enjoy the benefits offered by advanced call forwarding, which is able to route business calls to home or mobile phones, ensuring that even if you are away from the desk, a call is not missed. Additionally, virtual receptionists and auto attendants can be used for greeting customers and routing calls to the proper person. This is a smart and affordable alternative to having a full-time receptionist or administrative assistant.

The surge in UC use

There is no question that the adoption of US is growing rapidly, with the implementation rates from 2010 to 2011 doubling. In fact, recent studies discovered that as many as 76 percent of education, healthcare, government and business organizations that have fully adopted the features of UC and actually track their ROI, have seen significant rewards. Due to the widely available features of UC, now any small, medium or large sized business can experience the wide array of advantages.

Even though there are a number of affordability concerns for some small business owners who are looking into UC, it is important to keep in mind that there are a number of options available. You can select a system that will grow with your company in order to give your business a boost now, while helping you to save money in the future. If you can afford the services and they are able to meet your needs, then making a switch from a phone system that is outdated to the UC system is a simple decision.

Is Unified Communications right for your business?

Unified communications are not right for all businesses. However, if you need any of the following things, you can find it to be extremely beneficial:

  • You need to access the latest communications but do not have the budget to do so
  • Agility is essential for your business
  • You desire the flexibility needed to connect mobile workers and offices

When you take the time to evaluate your current system of communication to the benefits offered by UC, you are likely to see how your business could be enhanced by these services. Not only will these systems benefit your bottom line, but they will improve your employee morale by helping to boost productivity and customer service in ways unmatched by analog systems.

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