5 Productivity-Enhancing Benefits That You’ll Get with VoIP

A Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone system is a reliable and scalable solution that can help your business save money and simplify your communications. VoIP also has many other great benefits to offer that can help improve your company’s productivity level.

Here are five productivity-enhancing benefits that VoIP can bring to your business:

1. Cut the Voicemail Tether and Get Your Messages on the Go

Using Voicemail to Email, you’ll have the convenience of accessing your voicemails at any time and place, enabling you to be more responsive to your employees or customers.
This feature allows you to get all your voicemail messages delivered directly to your email address. You can listen to them from your desktop, tablet or smartphone, at your convenience.

2. Take The Features of Your Office Phone with You… ANYWHERE

With Unified Communications (UC), you can maintain a single, solid business presence no matter where you are, on multiple devices.

UC allows you to connect and collaborate across multiple devices including your office phone, desktop, mobile phone or tablet. This system makes communication easy with secure and reliable messaging, and voice and video calling.

3. Manage Your Calls More Efficiently with No Hassle

Easily manage inbound phone calls, and efficiently route them anywhere, with a centralized virtual phone system.
This single solution connects any of your off-network devices such as your home, cell and office phone so your clients can reach you no matter where you are. It combines productivity enhancing business features such as phone, auto attendant, message on hold, fax and voicemail to email into a single, easy to manage solution.

4. Create an Even Better Customer Experience

You can integrate your VoIP solution with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Whether you have Salesforce, Act!, SugarCRM, or any other system, you’ll be able to unlock the true potential of your CRM solution and enhance your competitive advantage.

When you integrate your CRM solution with VoIP, you’ll get quicker access to your customer data allowing you to serve them better.

5. Don’t Miss Important Business Because of a Disaster

Communication loss can have a negative impact on your customer experience. A communication continuity plan with VoIP can help negate that. VoIP lets you control where inbound calls get rerouted in case you lose service at your location(s). In the event of an outage, you can set up calls to automatically reroute to another location or number, or you could manually reroute them when you want to. Your customers may still have power when you don’t, but they don’t have to know that.


VoIP offers many productivity-enhancing benefits so if you’re going to implement VoIP, take the opportunity to determine which features are the most helpful to your organization. Outside of features that help enhance productivity, look for features that drive down cost and can impact your bottom line. Talk to your staff, especially those, like your receptionist who use the phones more frequently than others. We recommend creating a checklist of features they find most helpful and enhance their experience while giving your business the extra edge.

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