How Mobile VoIP Solutions Can Save Your Business Money

Learn how mobile VoIP solutions can save your business money.

The decision to adopt a new system, process or service inside your company is always a big one. Whether you’re considering a new CRM, building a new website or bringing your phones up to date, there are questions to answer.

The big question of whether this new addition will save you money or increase your costs is always a top consideration. Does VoIP reduce costs? The short answer is: yes. And there are several ways that happens, so let’s look at each one.

Easily Scalable

Because VoIP runs over your internet, it gives your phone system greater flexibility. Upscaling or downscaling is much simpler meaning you won’t have to overhaul your phone system every time you want to add or delete users.

Significant Call Cost Reductions

Call costs are a major consideration. The fact that voice calls over the Internet are so much cheaper than with traditional phones is why VoIP has become so popular.

Not only will you save money on call costs, you can also connect those working from home, agents in the field and anyone else on your team. You can do it over your VoIP installation and all on the same low call costs.

Call Tracking and Monitoring

With features like call recording and call tracking you’ll increase efficiency company-wide. With better call tracking and call logs you will increase the efficiency of your sales team by:

  • Assuring quality control with regular reviews
  • Use especially good or bad call examples for improved staff training
  • Track the output of your sales teams, including metrics like time spent on the phone and number of calls made each day.

With proper tracking in place, you’ll have tools to help you increase conversions. You can keep your sales team on track and hitting their targets each month.

Streamlined Employee Communications

When your teams communicate, everyone gets more work done in less time. A VoIP system brings many workflow features such as:

  • Peer-to-peer video chat for improved and easier conference calls
  • Instantly see the presence of staff and colleagues to know who’s online and when
  • Company-focused instant messaging (no more distracting personal contacts)

With these features in place, your business will run smoother.

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