How to Use Video Conferencing for Better Collaboration

Imagine you’re working on an important report and you need feedback from co-workers at other branches. You just finished your portion of the work but can’t move on to the final steps until you receive feedback and approval from several different people. All you can do is email your work to everyone involved in the project and wait for their feedback. This could take longer than you expect. And then you’ll have to take the time to review each individual’s feedback one-by-one. You’re left juggling multiple email chains and versions of your report. Not fun.

This is where video collaboration tools can be a big help.

Collaboration is always a challenge when many parties at different locations are involved. It’s too easy for things to get lost in translation when there’s no face-to-face contact. But collaboration through video conferencing tools solves this problem. That’s why many companies working to improve employee productivity have turned to video conferencing as their go-to collaboration tool. Multi-location companies, in particular, have the most to gain from video collaboration.

How Video Conferencing Tools Enable Better Collaboration

Video conferencing provides much more than audio and visual communications between various parties. In fact, many video conferencing tools are equipped with extra features like one-click scheduling through your personal calendar (using Outlook, for example) and real-time screen sharing. This means you can easily use video conferencing tools to get feedback on reports and presentations from many people all at once. There’s no need to send your work via email and wait for feedback. You can discuss everything you need to in real-time and keep your projects moving forward.

Collaboration through video conferencing is an effective and convenient way to get things done. But don’t take my word for it. According to a survey by Wainhouse Research, 94% of respondents agreed that video conferencing allows them to improve efficiency and productivity. That’s a pretty big consensus. And it’s easy to see why users feel that way when you consider the alternatives for collaboration.

Email is too restrictive and impersonal. Video conferencing gives you access to the audio and visual cues you need for a well-rounded discussion. It helps create a more natural and relaxed environment conducive to creative thinking. But in case this isn’t reason enough, there are a lot more benefits associated with collaboration through video conferencing.

Video Collaboration Boosts Your Bottom Line

Whether for a meeting with a client or with members of another branch, traveling for work can be expensive. Especially when plans are made at the last minute (and let’s face it, they often are).

Travelling can be a waste of precious time. But you can reclaim this time if you have the right video conferencing capabilities. In fact, according to the same survey referenced above, 87% of respondents said that video conferencing allows them to reduce travel time.

Why spend money on a flight and take the time out of your workweek to travel when you can arrange face-to-face meetings from your desk? Sure, some very important meetings should be carried out in person, but most can easily be done with video conferencing. Not only are video conferences more convenient, but they make it easy to get more people involved, which helps improve team morale.

Even those who refuse to do away with in-person meetings can find value and cost savings in video conferencing tools. How is this possible? Well, imagine you’re traveling for an important meeting. The meeting’s ended and you need to report the results to your team back home. Typically you’d just get on the phone. But you could also use a video conferencing tool through your smartphone to hop on a video call with your entire team at once. This will save you from having to call multiple people to report the same results.

Seeing is Believing

When you make a new business contact, it’s not always possible to meet in-person. Often we find ourselves exchanging emails or phone calls with people we’ve never really met. But with video conferencing and collaboration tools, it’s a lot easier to make personal connections with new contacts. You can learn a lot more about a person by speaking face-to-face. Plus it helps build trust, which we all know is critically important in all business relationships.

Of course, with face-to-face conversations, it’s even more important to make a good impression. You’ll want to be sure your physical surroundings are clean and your office looks professional. Be sure to block out background noise and any other potential distractions. If you’re working from home and have kids or pets, try to find a quiet space where they can’t bother you (or else you might end up all over the internet, like this guy).

Ready to Get on Board With Video Collaboration?

You’re certainly not alone. The market for video conferencing tools and services is growing at an amazing 19.5% per year. With this growth in demand, service quality and extra features keep getting better and better. So if you work at a multi-location company and need to find a better collaboration solution, consider video collaboration with BullsEye UC.

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