Key Ways To Improve Your VoIP Strategy

BullsEye Telecom’s Director of Network Engineering, Vilas Uchil, recently contributed an in-depth article to discussing key ways for companies to improve their overall VoIP strategy. We’ve included a portion of the article below and a link to continue reading on

The last decade saw a splurge of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) businesses mushrooming around the world. There were initial challenges on how to get VoIP — which lets people make calls via the internet — to work, so service providers and their respective call control partners worked to integrate and stabilize the technology.

From what I’ve seen, a majority of providers have since adopted Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based VoIP services. SIP provides capabilities to incorporate day-to-day enterprise features for user needs. Over time, I’ve seen that VoIP has become more omnipresent, and I believe it will eventually replace all traditional forms of phone services. (I’ve been in the telecom carrier segment my entire working life, and have been immersed in building VoIP networks for most of it.)

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