Is Your Old Phone System Preventing Growth?

Don’t let outdated technology stand in the way of growing your business.

Here’s a common scenario: Company A is expanding and adding a new location. This new location will need to connect seamlessly to the company’s existing IT systems.

To do this, company A is going to need to put together a dedicated IT team at the new location to install and maintain a new PBX system. Unfortunately, it could take up to a month to get it up and running – lost time that they’ll never recover.

Here’s an alternate scenario: Instead of assembling a dedicated IT team, company B’s existing IT team made a quick phone call to their telecom service provider to let them know about the new office location. Phone systems at the new location were up and running in just a couple of days.

How did company B do this? They already had a cloud phone system in place, which allowed them to easily add a new location without installing any additional hardware.

Company A was still using a traditional phone system with expensive PBX infrastructure at each location. This failure to move their phone system to the cloud resulted in unnecessary delays and capital costs.

Traditional phone systems using plain old telephone service (POTS) are neither scalable nor flexible: two crucial requirements for growing companies.

They offer limits rather than possibilities to companies. For instance, depending on your technology, you are limited to a set number of extensions, phone lines, and end users. If you want to add users, you might have to upgrade or even replace your hardware.

This is an expensive and costly proposition. But worst of all, it distracts your company from growth-oriented activities.

Your company’s needs when you first installed a traditional phone system were likely different than they are now. Over time you likely had to add additional features or phone lines that required hardware upgrades. Even worse, you might have missed out on the benefits of features that you didn’t even know were available.

A cloud phone solution is ideal because you can adjust your features and the number of lines and locations as your company grows. You benefit from a platform that is continuously evolving, with new features and faster connections made possible as technology advances.

For example, here are some things that come standard with a cloud phone system, but not with a traditional phone system:

  • Easily add new numbers and locations to your subscription
  • Access all features and functionality through any device, including mobile devices
  • Adapt to seasonal trends by editing customer service features (such as an auto attendant)
  • Simple maintenance and self-service troubleshooting for most common problems
  • A consistent customer service experience for all of your locations, nationwide

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