3 Ways Pairing Your VoIP and CRM Systems Can Benefit Your Business

Powerful results can be achieved from this type of integration.

You may already know that using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for your business can help you stay connected with your customers, no matter where you are and on any mobile device, and simplify your communications. What you may not know is that your business can benefit from pairing your VoIP system with a customer relationship management (CRM) software like Salesforce, SugarCRM, or Act!. Want to find out how?

Here are three ways that your business can benefit from integrating your VoIP system with a CRM software:

Get Important Data to Effectively Talk to Your Customers

Thanks to software that connects your VoIP system to your CRM software, your team will have access to all of the recorded details from your calls that gets entered into the CRM software. Now your team can have the information it needs to efficiently and effectively connect with your customers.

Increase Your Productivity and Customer Satisfaction Rates

CRM VoIP integration can give your team, and your customers, the luxury of not having to waste time on the phone to manually type up information on each customer. It also gives your team the ability to use the click-to-dial feature on the CRM software, so they can spend less time dialing and more time calling. This is a great return on investment because it can increase your company’s productivity and customer satisfaction rates.

Turn Your Ordinary Customers Into Loyal Customers

With real-time data on your customers available instantly, you can build strong relationships that can turn any customer into a loyal customer. Loyal customers are often your strongest advocates and can create a funnel of referral opportunities by recommending you.

Does your company integrate your CRM software with your VoIP system? If so, what other benefits does your company get? Let us know in the comments section below!

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