The Rarely Discussed Benefit of Hosted IP PBX Solutions

Hosted IP PBX keeps companies working more efficiently.

We’ve written about the many benefits of hosted IP PBX before.

By now, they’re fairly well known. In a nutshell, hosted IP PBX solutions give companies of any size access to sophisticated phone system features and functionality that were previously only available to companies with an enterprise-level budget.

The technology enables voice communications via the internet rather than through traditional phone lines. That’s the ‘IP’ part of hosted IP PBX. But the biggest benefits arise from the fact that the system hardware is ‘hosted’ by your provider. That means they own and operate all the necessary equipment at their location. All you need is an internet connection.

There are 3 well-known benefits of this arrangement:

  1. Employees can access your office phone system from anywhere.
  2. You can have ‘virtual’ phone numbers in cities where you have no actual physical presence.
  3. Adding phone lines or new locations is fast and easy, requiring no additional hardware.

But there’s another benefit that few people talk about:

Hosted IP PBX keeps companies working more efficiently.

Communication technology choices have a direct impact on the speed at which your business operates. And in today’s hyper-competitive economy, staying nimble with technology like hosted IP PBX is more important than ever.

One of the major growth drivers of hosted IP PBX is the cost savings achieved by avoiding investments in capital-intensive PBX equipment. Now more than ever, decision makers are looking to offload capital-intensive investments to reduce the risk associated with legacy technology. A hosted solution is low-risk because all necessary capital investments are made by your service provider.

By outsourcing the hardware procurement, maintenance, and software development to your telecom partner, you’re freeing your internal team to focus more on revenue-generating activities and less on repetitive tasks. This lets you stay lean as you search for more business growth opportunities.

Another feature of hosted IP PBX that helps your business run faster is its near-infinite scalability. Traditional PBX systems have built-in limitations on the number of lines they can accommodate. Hosted solutions don’t. They can grow with your business, accommodating as many lines and locations as you need. And the best part is you can administer your lines from a single, centralized location. This is possible because hosted IP PBX providers also give you a simple software-based dashboard you can use to manage your system. No technical expertise required.

Are communications a central part of your business strategy?

Most companies don’t think of voice communications as a critical success factor. You wouldn’t typically hear law, architecture, engineering, or various other consulting firms tell you that a better phone system makes them a better firm. But believe it or not, it does.

It’s nearly impossible to perform at the top level without an effective means of communication. Companies that continue to rely on traditional technology will eventually be left behind. These companies will miss the opportunity to integrate data, voice, and video communications over a single network. And they’ll lose out on the productivity gains that come from the ability to share, collaborate on, and refine new ideas between offices spread across the country.

All of this begins with a scalable hosted IP PBX system.

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