See How These Companies Made the Switch to Hosted PBX

More and more of our customers are choosing to switch from a premise-based PBX to a hosted PBX system.

They’re learning what we’ve known for a long time: it’s a robust and cost-effective telecom solution that uses cloud technology to seamlessly connect various locations.

What’s more, it sets the stage for additional telecom features that were previously only available with enterprise-grade on-premise PBX technology.

Take a look at what some of our customers have to say about switching to hosted PBX.

El Pollo Loco

Time and money saved with our Auto Attendant feature

Before switching to a hosted PBX solution, staff at El Pollo Loco restaurants were wasting precious time answering every single phone call to address inquiries and take catering orders. By switching to a hosted solution with an integrated Auto Attendant feature, the company has been able to automate many repetitive tasks.

It definitely allows our managers more time so they can stay focused on producing the product for our guests and less time answering the phones.

Auto Attendant is one of the most popular hosted PBX features. El Pollo Loco uses it  automatically answer calls and route them to a location or line of their choosing.

They’ve managed to drastically reduce over-staffing, increase staff productivity, and help the business to convey a more professional, consistent image.

You can find a full list of Auto Attendant benefit’s here and read the full case study here.

Grace & Porta

A more reliable phone system

Many of our clients have opted for hosted PBX after facing issues with call reliability. Grace and Porta, a Missouri-based insurance firm, was suffering from excessive system downtime:

It seemed like every month our phones were going down, said CEO Jon Porta, Even if they only went down for an hour or two, it was never a positive thing.

We had clients that were trying to get hold of us, who needed help with any kind of insurance issues they might be running into. It could have been a potential client calling in.

After implementing a hosted PBX, Grace & Porta reported a noticeable difference in telecom reliability.

Since we went over to BullsEye, we really – in the last year and a half – haven’t had our phones go down.

With the reliability of a hosted PBX, Grace & Porta spends less time fixing faulty lines and more time growing their business.

Improved call clarity

After migrating from their previous supplier, Grace & Porta instantly noticed the benefits of hosted PBX:

As far as the call clarity goes there was a big difference, too. Moving to these phones and this system and using the VoIP, it just seems like our call clarity was a lot clearer. You didn’t have to listen so intently to hear the details our clients were giving us over the phone.

Reliability has been huge and call clarity has been awesome.

See what they had to say in full here.

Future Energy Group

Legendary customer service

Owner of Future Energy Group Sam DiNello was won-over by the ease of using a hosted PBX system:

I know BullsEye is a company that pride themselves on communication. Whether it was 6 in the morning or 11 at night, BullsEye got back to me. BullsEye were there to make sure my questions were answered… in a very timely fashion.

Sam had grown frustrated with larger telecom companies and their inability to provide a reliable service. He was looking for a solution that he could rely on to deliver top quality service and the latest technology.

For professionals like Sam, responsive and portable tech is a must, so a hosted PBX system was a perfect match:

I’m a guy that’s on the go. We have clients all over the country and these large cable providers are still stuck in 1985. BullsEye Telecom was able to get me connected to my clients and offer me the newest tech and features that a guy like me needs to grow my business.

Since switching, Sam hasn’t underestimated the value that the latest equipment has provided to his business:

Being a business owner, I know how important it is to expand my market and be there every step of the way for my clients. Now that I have all of the features provided by BullsEye Telecom, I’m ready to go.

With a hosted PBX system, your service is kept up-to-date automatically and any additional features you require can be added with the click of a button.

See the full interview here.

Liberty Tax & Financial Planning

Caller-ID issues are a thing of the past

Before switching to hosted PBX, Liberty Tax & Financial Planning were experiencing constant problems with their caller-ID system.

When a client called us, their number wouldn’t come up correctly on the caller ID on our old phone system. That’s huge for us.

Even more importantly, when we made a call to a client, our caller ID came up as a random California or Nevada number. Clients would call that number and not be able to get hold of us. It was frustrating and we know we lost a lot of clients because of that.

After they got in touch, we quickly identified that hosted PBX was the right solution for them. Since getting set up with the system, it’s been nothing but smooth sailing:

Your system is great, the phones are outstanding – they’re clear, they show who’s calling and when we make a phone call it says the name of our business and the phone number.

Hosted PBX phone systems come with the latest in caller-ID technology, so you know exactly who you’re speaking with. Our service can also be enhanced with our Virtual Receptionist add-on, which lets you manage inbound calls in real-time and transfer calls automatically.

See the full interview here.

Migrating to hosted PBX couldn’t be easier

When you choose to move a hybrid or a hosted PBX solution, we’ll migrate your old POTS lines to our systems and close off any unnecessary lines. Liberty Tax & Financial Planning enjoyed the simplicity of the transition first-hand:

It’s a really friendly and smooth process. I send an email off that says ‘these locations are no longer necessary, ‘please cancel them’. that then shows up on the billing.

We’ve designed a proven risk-free strategy for migrating businesses to a hosted solution. Take a look at our risk-free road map, which shows you how we can get your hosted PBX up and running fast.

Visit our Hosted PBX page for more information.

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