The Death of POTS: Out With the Old, In With the New

Is your communications budget out of control? Do you keep looking at your business phone expenses trying to figure out what services you should give up to cut costs?

You may discover easy savings by replacing your outdated phone technology.

POTS: The Old Way

Plain Old Telephone Service – or POTS, as it is commonly known – has evolved quite a bit since the days of Ma Bell. While the rise of large phone companies able to cover large areas initially dropped phone service prices, eventually the technology became outdated.

Thanks to the explosion of mobile networks, phone companies are now struggling to maintain land line networks that are being used by fewer and fewer people; meaning that they have to charge remaining customers more to make a profit. Businesses that still run their phones over the copper wire phone network are bearing the brunt of these increased costs.

Digital Voice: The New Way

Turning to a digital voice phone solution like those offered by BullsEye could benefit your company in more ways than one. Using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology lets you ditch POTS and move your business into the present, with access to the future of cutting edge phone technology.

VoIP uses your internet connection to make and receive calls. The sound of your voice is carried as a packet along the same bandwidth you use for going online. This helps businesses avoid expensive landline phone rates by making an end run around the aging POTS networks and combining internet and phone services in one easy to use system.

Advantages of Digital Voice over POTS

Portability: The main advantage of VoIP business phone service over POTS is that you can use VoIP based solutions anywhere you have access to the internet. Instead of being shackled to standard, fixed position phone lines in your building or office, you simply transmit your voice and video traffic through your internet connection.

Cost: Since there are not ongoing maintenance, upgrade and expansion expenses, VoIP is a much more cost effective solution than POTS. In addition, since much of each phone call is transmitted over the internet – even for long distance or international calls – the cost for each call is less than with a regular land line.

Scalability: Instead of requiring a traditional installation of phone lines every time your business changes locations, VoIP offers the advantage of complete and easy scalability. You can change locations, add location, increase and decrease total number of lines according to seasonal need. Countless employees can be brought into your VoIP system and allowed to communicate with each other whether they are in a brick and mortar location, telecommuting or working on the road.

It’s time to let go of the dying POTS framework and embrace the functionality of business VoIP. BullsEye offers a wide variety of solutions to fit your needs, no matter how big or small your company is.

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