Top Five UC App Capabilities You Don’t Want To Be Without

In the age of collaboration and mobility, a Unified Communications app, or UC technology, delivers a fluid and (almost) uninterrupted communications experience.

If you’re on the go a great deal for work this app is a great tool to keep you connected. Here are the top features that improve how you communicate on UC.

1. Single Number Identity Keep Your Business Number No Matter What Device You Call From

Single Number Identity keeps you connected via your desk phone, mobile phone or tablet through one number. So, all you have to do is simply share one number and you can be reached on any of your devices.

Plus, you’ll be able to maintain your professional presence through this single number. Make and receive calls using your business number as your caller ID.

2. Convenient  Desktop Phone Features on Your Mobile

Take your office phone system with you in your pocket. That’s right! UC lets you access all of the features of your desk phone from your tablet or mobile devices.

Features like your corporate directory, chat capabilities, including Instant Messaging, which are typically available on your desktop, can now be used wherever you go.

3. Communicate More Efficiently with Status Information from Your Presence Feature

Presence is a powerful feature that lets you view the availability of your team online. As a tool, it can help improve your company’s productivity and efficiency.

If your teammate is in a meeting, you’ll know not to stop by their office for a discussion. Instead, you could perhaps ask her a quick question via the Instant Messaging feature. Another smart way to use the Presence feature is when you’re transferring calls.

If the status shows someone as being Busy or Away, this will prevent you from completing a blind transfer to someone who isn’t available.

4. Your Entire Corporate Directory in the Palm of Your Hands

If you’re out and about, and you need quick access to other contacts within your company, you don’t have to struggle with trying to recall direct dial numbers or extensions. Simply call up your corporate directory and search for the contact you want.

5. Integration with Other Enterprise Solutions

It’s a connected world we live in, especially when it comes to communications. The UC app in particular for helping us work smarter.

It features integrations with powerful enterprise tools including Salesforce, NetSuite, and Microsoft Outlook among others. For example, if you’re on a UC call with integration to your Salesforce app, you can gain immediate access to your customer records while you’re on the call.

If you’re an existing UC user, what are some other features that you think are can’t live without features? Share your comments and thoughts with us below.

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