Using Call Analytics Software to Grow Your Business

We work with many clients who collect a tremendous amount of data. They’re tracking data on customer purchase patterns and monitoring which products are moving the fastest off store shelves. But there’s one type of data that’s often neglected.

I’m talking about call data, of course.

Think about it for a moment. The first real interaction you have with many of your customers happens over the phone. Sure, some of your customers might contact you online first, and many will show up at your physical locations. But most customers still prefer to make a phone call when they have issues. And all these phone calls become incredibly valuable once you’re able to track and analyze them.

But even if you’re already collecting and analyzing call data, there’s a good chance you’re missing some insights into how customers choose to interact with you, and how your customer service team handles customers. For multi-location companies that receive calls from customers around the country, this information becomes even more crucial.

Luckily, there’s a lot you can learn from easy-to-use call analytics software. We’ll go through some of the key metrics in this article. But first:

What, Exactly, is Call Analytics Software?

Call analytics software seamlessly links up with your VoIP phone system. It measures and analyzes inbound and outbound phone calls made from both landlines and mobile phones. The software assigns a call tracking number to each phone call. Then, it monitors, measures, analyzes, and ultimately reports the data extracted from each customer engagement.

Multi-location companies can use call analytics software to determine a customer’s location and what motivated them to reach out. You can even track when a customer visits your website to find your phone number, and subsequently which other web pages they visit. All this data can by synced with your CRM and marketing automation tools for even more insights.

The Benefits of Call Analytics

Analyzing call data helps you understand how your company handles customer inquiries. And by integrating call analytics software with your existing marketing technology, you can start to make powerful connections that will help you see your company in an entirely new light. Below are just a handful of ways you can benefit from call analytics.

Missed Call Reporting

Nothing frustrates your customers more than calling one of your locations only to reach your voicemail. Call analytics software provides detailed reports on unreturned missed calls, including the resolution time for every inquiry. This makes it easy to stay on top of customer service demands, ensuring no call goes unanswered for too long. You’ll benefit from improved customer satisfaction, which helps turn customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

Online Ad Optimization

Call analytics software is an effective tool for tracking inbound calls and their associated keywords, channels, and online campaigns. With this information, you can learn which of your campaigns and web pages have the highest/lowest conversion rates, and optimize accordingly.

Enhanced Sales Team Performance

Multi-location companies have sales staff spread out across the country. Call analytics software improves your sales team’s performance by routing high-quality leads to the right reps. By sending leads to the right people, you can reduce travel time between sales calls and improve your team’s productivity. And because the software is connected to your CRM, sales reps can feed information back into the system, giving you full end-to-end visibility into how your team is performing.

Uniform Customer Analysis

Through the integration of call analytics software with your CRM, you can get a much more comprehensive understanding of each customer. You’ll save tons of time tracking leads. With call analytics, there’s no need to manually enter call data. The system tracks everything for you, including call time/length and what prompted the call. It even records the call so you can refer to it later. If you want to get really sophisticated, you could convert your call records to text and run big data analytics on them for unexpected insights.

It’s just another step toward a more personalized approach to customer service. Your customers want to be treated like individuals, not numbers. But you can’t remember everything about every customer. Call analytics software can be your customer cheatsheet. When you have access to a particular customer’s history while speaking with them, you can demonstrate that you really do care about their needs. It’s this kind of relationship-building that leads to repeat customers.

Key Features of the Top Call Analytics Software

As VoIP service providers, we operate in a rapidly changing environment. Our voice calling features, including call analytics software, are constantly improving. Data analysis tools that were commonplace just a few years ago have been replaced with better ones. But despite the ever-changing nature of call analytics software, there are five key features that make up the backbone of any high-performance package. When choosing providers, make sure you get access to each of them.

  • Keyword-Level Tracking – Allows you to track calls back to the search keyword.
  • Local and Toll-Free Number Tracking – Sometimes it’s important to have a local presence. Other times you need a toll-free number for nationwide access. Make sure you have both options.
  • Conversation Analytics – Introduces a human element to your data by letting you study live phone calls and call recordings too.
  • Prevention and Detection of Call Fraud – Use phone printing to trace calls to their true location.
  • Call Recording and Scoring – Use proven methods to segment your callers and identify your most profitable leads.

Choose a Trusted Provider

At BullsEye Telecom, we’ve put in place clear steps to help our multi-location clients implement call analytics software at each and every one of their locations. We’ll even show you how to integrate your new call analytics capabilities with your existing sales and marketing systems. Contact us today if you’re ready to explore this opportunity.

You can email us or call our sales line directly at 1-877-438-2855. We’ll walk you through the process and uncover how your company use call analytics software, combined with VoIP technology, to gain unprecedented insights into your customer service performance.

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