Want to Grow Your Business? Try a Cloud Phone System

In order to innovate, companies need seamless communication networks.

In fact, research has demonstrated that the companies that are the most innovative are the ones that communicate really well. What’s more, these innovative, fast-growth companies spend more on IT than the average company: up to 10% of revenues compared to an average of 3-5%.

Fast-growth companies are increasingly turning to cloud solutions to minimize costs and maximize flexibility and scalability.

Cloud phones minimize telecom costs

Fast-growth companies need to spend their money wisely. That means avoiding expensive infrastructure investments in favor of more flexible and scalable solutions. The cloud is the perfect solution for fast-growth companies because virtually all cloud services are subscription-based, with no upfront costs. This way you can save your money and invest it in the growth of your business.

A recent survey revealed that 82% of companies that adopted cloud solutions saved money, 14% downsized their IT departments, and 80% improved overall IT processes.

Maximizing flexibility

Fast-growth companies should not invest in anything that could constrain growth, including some types of older technology. Any large, on-premise investments are vulnerable to the risks associated with technological advancements that could render them obsolete.

Cloud solutions evolve as technology advances because a third-party provider hosts all of the necessary infrastructure, and these providers are constantly improving their capabilities and the quality of their services.

Companies that subscribe to cloud phone services have the flexibility to adjust their plans as time goes on and their needs change. It’s easy to add new phone lines, include new office locations in your plan, and select additional features like an auto attendant.

Maximizing scalability

Cloud services can be deployed in virtually no time at all: As opposed to traditional services that require on-premise hardware, which could take weeks or months to deploy, cloud services can be activated within a day or two. That means greater business continuity and scalability.

If you want to add more phone lines today, it can be done without having to go through complex IT processes. Cloud phone systems keep you in the driver’s seat, adapting and growing alongside your company.

Best of all, you can manage all of your locations under a single subscription.

Cloud phone systems set the stage for growth

For fast-growth businesses there’s no better communication solution than a cloud phone system: You get all of the features of traditional phone systems – and more – without having to invest in costly infrastructure and committing your company to using technology that doesn’t scale and adapt to your changing needs. You also get regular, predictable monthly bills and a stable quality of service. Forget about maintenance. Just focus on growing your business.

Reduce communications complexity with a cloud phone system today.

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