Why Unified Communications – 7 Benefits

A business without an efficient communication system is like a business without a voice

In today’s globally competitive business environment with an international workforce and ever-present mobility, the need for seamless and collaborative communication systems are more imperative than ever.

While voice communication isn’t going away, it is essential to have a network that can accommodate data while merging voice communications transparently. This is where unified communications (UC) comes in. Instead of using a cell phone, landline, fax and e-mail, instant messaging, texting and Web conferencing,

UC solutions combine all of these varying communication avenues into one system. It is a solution that mixes all of the communication and collaboration tools that you are already using plus a few more you might want to add. To illustrate, with a UC solution, you can give your clients one number that will ring on both your office and cell phone line. Continue reading to learn why you need unified communications.


All businesses use desktops, laptops, tablets, cell phones and more to communicate. For any business on the go, the ability to access work email and voicemail via smartphones or voicemail via email is without equal. UC uses VoIP to integrate enterprise applications, phones, instant messaging, mobility, presence, multimedia applications, CRM/ERP and application tracking systems.


A UC system can be used by on-premise phone systems, as well as cloud-based and hosted phone systems.

Start Quickly

Some implementations are put on hold due to the time and financial cost that comes with necessary training. Well, UC phones come with easy-to-use tools that can be easily personalized with very little training.

No Technical Skills Needed

Hiring more IT staff can cost an arm and a leg, especially for small busineses. That is something you won’t have to worry about with unified communications. Since hosted VoIP systems are hosted offsite, you do not need to have technical skills for installation, deployment or maintenance.


With a UC system, intelligence is even spread across the communications environment. These means that it can be scaled up or down, as needed, without an extensive need for time or resources.

Sound Quality

When it comes to partner or client meetings, you need a quality of sound to display that you mean business. The good news is there are minimal requirements when it comes to a high-quality VoIP system that provides quality sound.

Improve Customer Service

Unified communications will give your business both much-needed mobility and personal call management options to help you better understand your clients and your employees. Furthermore, you can integrate it with your business applications a boon to your customer service efforts.

Time is money, unified communications helps to conserve both time and resources. Not to mention, there isn’t any need for a large operating budget to get the quality communication system your business deserves. The ability to access information at a digital speed can make all the difference when it comes to taking your business to the next level. Not only do you get to increase development cycles and service levels, but you also eliminate redundancy. Not to mention, this solution easily accommodates remote and contract workers.

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