Contact Center

First impressions are lasting impressions. BullsEye’s Cloud Contact Center allows you to make the best first impression while delivering a world-class experience to your customers.

BullsEye’s Contact Center is a cloud-based hosted call center solution that allows you to enhance customer relationships without the hassle and complexity of managing or supporting a premise-based system.

Drive down your capex and operating costs. Turn your agents into power users with the systems and tools they need to build positive relationships with your customers.

Give your call center managers the enhanced reporting, smarter analytics and real time call intelligence they need to make informed decisions and turn your call center into a profit machine.

Our solution fits into your existing environment to meet your telephony, unified communications and contact center needs as you grow.

  • Fully Integrated – Contact Center is fully integrated with BullsEye’s hosted phone system so you enjoy a single cloud-based managed VoIP solution.
  • Improved Customer Experience – Enhance your customer experience from the moment the call arrives to the final resolution.  Contact Center gives you ultimate flexibility and lets you configure the call routing the way that works best for your situation. Contact Center ensures that callers get routed to the right person every time.
  • Real Time Monitoring – Ensure that you always have the appropriate number of agents available to handle call activity. Contact Center keeps you on top of call volumes and helps you accommodate for spikes in call activity.
  • Improved Customer Experience – Route your callers to the right person and ensure that every call is responded to quickly.
  • Fully-Integrated and Bundled – Combine your call center with BullsEye’s full suite of cloud-based communications solutions.
  • Control Costs and Optimize Resources – Streamline business process with the right monitoring tools to ensure that you have the appropriate number of agents to handle call volume and activity.
  • No Expensive Equipment to Purchase or Maintain – Eliminate the hassle and complexity of maintaining premise-based equipment and significantly reduce capital and operating expenses.
  • Improved Quality Controls – Use call recording to enhance opportunities for coaching, training and recognition. Improve agent interactions and communications with customers with monitoring and reporting capabilities.
  • Compliance Protection – Call recording helps you ensure that agents are saying the right things and complying with federal and state regulations.  Protect against fees and penalties when you document every call.
  • Queue Monitoring – Know the status of your queue to ensure that all calls are being responded to in a timely manner. Dashboards allow you to see which queues may need additional agents and allows you to make the necessary adjustments.
  • Web-Based Controls – Browser based desktop allows agents and supervisors to access and manage call queues without the need to download software or install plug-ins.
  • Call Recording – Record calls on-demand to help in coaching and training situations.


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