DSL Internet Service

If your organization downloads large files or uses the internet extensively, BullsEye's DSL service is the ideal solution.

Get the affordable and reliable internet access your company needs with BullsEye's DSL services. 

DSL gives small business the speed, performance, and scalability you're looking for.

BullsEye offers a variety of scalable high speed DSL services to fit your organization's bandwidth requirements.

  • High-speed performance at a low monthly cost
  • Secure, reliable and fast download speeds to improve communications
  • No additional phone line necessary - use a single line for your phone and Internet access
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery protects your network from serious outages
  • A dedicated line means that you’re not sharing your connection
  • Business-class modem or router
  • 15 email accounts
  • 10 Mb of email storage space per account
  • Domain name server (DNS hosting) for one domain
  • Dynamic or one (1) static IP
  • Up to 13 extra static IPs (justification required)
  • An online portal to simplify billing and account management
  • We offer a range of speeds to support your needs


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