Built in Redundancy with Fixed Wireless Services

BullsEye's Fixed Wireless service is the optimal solution for those locations that need Internet access, but where DSL, Cable, or T1 is simply not an option.

Fixed wireless provides a suitable alternative to situations where you need to either supplement or replace a portion of your existing broadband infrastructure.

If you're in the market for backup, fixed wireless can be bundled with BullsEye's other broadband solutions to provide business continuity and disaster recovery.

  • Cost-competitive alternative to T1, DSL and Cable broadband connectivity
  • Maximizes your network’s operational efficiencies by sharing communications load across multiple transport paths
  • Scales to your organization’s needs with speeds from 400 Kb to 1.4 Mb
  • Avoids local carrier and other infrastructure limitations
  • Provides an alternate path for voice and data communications that is not susceptible to cable cuts or physical plant complications
  • Backup solution to complement existing copper or fiber physical communications links
  • Static or dynamic IP addresses
  • Largest 3G coverage area of any provider
  • Optional PCI compliance available
  • Self or professional installation


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