BullsEye Telecom Hits the Mark in Texas

BullsEye Telecom® is rolling into the Texas market with the drive, determination and assets to succeed that only a “Made in Detroit” company possess. Opening corporate offices in both Dallas and Houston, this often-perceived “quiet giant” is expanding its brick-and-mortar presence beyond the boundaries of its home base in Michigan. BullsEye has aggressive expansion plans across multiple regions throughout the U.S. in 2015.

Quiet no longer, BullsEye is, in fact, the only multi-location telecom provider that offers every service option for every location nationwide. With more than 52,000 successful and “hands-on” installations to date, BullsEye represents the entire spectrum of today’s phone and converged network solutions for businesses across the country, including: expanded network/data services, VoIP/VPN, Internet, cloud, broadband and a suite of powerful services and management tools – hardware and software alike.  And … that’s right, it also offers traditional, reliable Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) for businesses that still require it – all supported with seamless, transitional solutions for that time when said businesses are ready and able to make the digital switch.

“While proud of our ‘Made in Detroit’ heritage, our business model has always been national in scope and breadth,” notes William Oberlin, Chairman and CEO of BullsEye Telecom. “We are rapidly expanding and adding proficiencies … when the need is there, we develop our own technologies and service extensions to help our growing client base succeed,” Oberlin adds. “Texas has been an excellent region for BullsEye and is a strategic growth sector for us, so we are making it official. We are excited to officially set up shop in Texas!”

The Dallas BullsEye office is headed by Kerri Lytle and overseen by Regional Vice President of Sales, David Lynch. Located in Frisco, just miles from the “Telecom Corridor” of Dallas, the newly opened office already has a staff of nine account executives and is hiring.  BullsEye’s Houston office is overseen by Branch Manager Jonathan Olivares and currently has five account executives.

Delivering New Technology with a Personal Touch

Unlike many providers, BullsEye takes a very hands-on and success-driven approach to every solution, standing behind every installation from start to finish … on-site, and in-person. Every client. Every size. Every time.   Call it “old-school,” but it is possible for a leading-edge tech company to consistently deliver customer-driven support. It is this customized service and advanced technology that BullsEye brings toTexas.

“Look, there are a ton of service providers who make big promises, but only one who will see you all the way through to completion. With our ‘hand’s-on’ installation, you do not have to lean on IT to install an unfamiliar system. ‘Hope’ or ‘fingers crossed’ are not part of our strategy,” said Tim Basa, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for BullsEye Telecom. “BullsEye gets it done correctly – from installation, training and ongoing support as your system or team demands. Don’t take our word – ask your IT department about ‘plug n’ play’ or ‘off-the-shelf solutions’…” … because most custom telecom solutions just don’t work like that.”

Michigan Innovation, National Success

Recognized as one of the most innovative solutions in the industry, BullsEye is a leader in client support and process simplification. What can be a decision-maker or IT department’s worst nightmare is, in fact, supported at every level with turnkey solutions that are competitively priced, highly customizable and personalized to keep them uniquely scalable for every business. With system demands growing and changing so quickly, effective client support is a big priority for BullsEye. Client success is directly correlated to business growth, and BullsEye has countless case studies to prove it.

BullsEye successfully migrates single- and multi-location businesses from traditional phone service to Hosted IP PBX, Digital Voice and much more. Recently recognized for its ongoing innovation with the prestigious 2014 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, BullsEye’s ‘BullsEye Synergy™’ is becoming the broadband aggregation solution of choice. In 2013, BullsEye was awarded of the coveted Internet Telephony Award.

About BullsEye Telecom Inc.

BullsEye Telecom Inc. is a leading telecommunications provider empowering enterprises nationwide with the tools they need to consolidate and better manage critical business functions. Setting the industry standard for voice and data solutions designed to increase employee productivity, reduce costs and enhance the overall performance of business, this Michigan-based company provides customized solutions, dedicated account management, consolidated billing and powerful online management tools from a single source since 1999. Serving single- and multi-location companies, BullsEye’s offerings include: Hosted PBX, voice, data, digital voice, cellular, hosted IP, network security, unified communications and cloud-based managed services. In addition, through the My BullsEye Account (MBA) automated online system, businesses have a dedicated online management portal, allowing the business to make real-time account changes and manage service requests, as well as obtain key business insight via extensive reporting and trending capabilities. One telecom partner for a complete solution and support. For more information, visit www.bullseyetelecom.com/1-877-438-2855

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