BullsEye’s VP of IP Engineering Talks Fraud Control

BullsEye Telecom’s Vice President of IP Engineering Talks Fraud Control

Elliot Zeltzer, BullsEye Telecom’s Vice President of IP Engineering, is an expert on Telecommunications fraud. Working closely with his team at BullsEye and the telecommunications industry at large, he works to create tighter safeguards and security protocols that will decrease incidents of telecom fraud, and stay a step ahead of the perpetrators.

Zeltzer was recently invited to share his expertise and insight at the CFCA’s annual meeting with a presentation aptly titled, Safeguarding Networks Against Fraud. Focusing primarily on toll-fraud, whilie protecting the ecosystem and proven strategies to protect telecom networks from fraud, Zeltzer cannot emphasize enough, “what you don’t know is killing your bottom line.” Toll fraud is widespread and companies of all sizes need to be aware and on guard. In fact, “the estimated cost of toll fraud, or phone hacking is close to $13 Billion annually, double the cost of credit card fraud,” says Zeltzer.

From last July’s JPMorgan hack to Sony Pictures and most recently the Federal Government – the issue is widespread. According to Zeltzer there have been more than 170 million compromises. However, while Toll/Network Fraud and VoIP hacking is on the rise, so are technologies to safeguard critical information. This is a key component to the work CFCA and Zeltzer do. “The work that CFCA does is instrumental and I am proud to be a member and contributor,” says Zeltzer.

While no system is perfect, Zeltzer and BullsEye’s security team continually monitor, improve and work to prevent such fraud. “All telecommunications companies together with the FBI and FTC are on alert 24/7. The schemes are clever, but the more we learn, the more prepared we are to combat them.” At BullsEye, Zeltzer makes it his mission to “tighten the screws on our VoIP eco system and drive out fraud.”

About Elliot Zeltzer
Mr. Zeltzer has been impacting the telecommunication’s industry for over 35 years. As part of BullsEye’s executive leadership team, he is responsible for providing the strategic direction on the physical and capability expansion of the BullsEye network. A respected industry expert, Mr. Zeltzer has provided thought leadership and insight speaking at other conferences including Avaya User Group, VoiceCon, VPNCon, NetWorld InterOp and Network World. Prior to BullsEye, Zeltzer worked Compuware, General Motors, Volkswagen, Realogic, INS, Difco, Darcy and TECS LLC.

About BullsEye Telecom Inc.

BullsEye Telecom Inc. is a leading telecommunications provider empowering enterprises nationwide with the tools needed to consolidate and better manage critical business functions. Recipient of the prestigious ChannelVision Magazine 2015 Channel Deployment of the Year Award and recognized for its ongoing innovation with the 2014 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award as well as the 2013 Internet Telephony Award, BullsEye successfully migrates single and multi-location businesses from traditional phone service to Hosted IP PBX, Digital Voice and much more. Since 1999, Bullseye has set the industry standard for voice and data solutions designed to increase employee productivity, reduce costs and enhance the overall business performance. One telecom partner for complete phone and converged network solutions and support. 

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