Cloud-Based Solutions Take the Headache out of Telephony

Bullseye Telecom’s Cloud-Based Solutions Take the Headache out of Telephony for Mid-Market Customers

Recently, BullsEye’s EVP of Sales and Marketing, Tim Basa, spoke with Erik Linask, TMC group editorial director, at the ITEXPO Miami 2015 event about the adoption of cloud storage, email and other services. 

According to Basa, it’s not a question of when businesses will make the move to cloud-based VoIP and telephony solutions, but how they will make the transition. For instance, if a company currently has a major investment in analog POTS lines and PRI and is interested in moving to a hosted, cloud-based solution, they can begin converting voice services on a TDM basis with the goal of transitioning to hosted or digital voice.

“Oftentimes in the space we work in, the mid-market or enterprise level that’s multi-location, they have disparate providers and disparate systems, so they really want to consolidate and simplify their operations,” said Basa. “Migrating to cloud-based telephony solutions enables customers to consolidate as well as standardize their systems. It also offers benefits from a budgeting perspective since billing is simplified and predictable. Ultimately, a cloud transition offers uniform technology, simplified operations and an evergreen technology approach since services are continually updated and maintained via the cloud.”

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