T1 Internet Services

BullsEye's T1 or Bonded T1 provide secure and reliable data connectivity. Easily increase your bandwidth levels as your business grows at a price you can afford.

A T1 provides a dedicated connection to an end user's location. Unlike other types of broadband circuit like cable or DSL, a T1 gives you guaranteed speeds and reliability since the line is not shared. 

BullsEye's T1 offers dependable T1 services at an affordable monthly price.

T1 is a smart option for small to medium size businesses looking for a reliable data connection with guaranteed speeds or combine with voice through Integrated T1.

  • True nationwide coverage from a single provider for more than just your broadband needs
  • Expandable - Bond up to four (4) T1s
  • Super reliable connectivity for mission-critical applications
  • Uptime guarantee with our industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Multi-task with T1 - Versatile technology allows for multi-use functionality
  • Priority routing over DSL line24/7/365 unified support environment
  • Proactive network monitoring so you’re ensured an “always-on” data network
  • 1.5 Mbps Internet bandwidth
  • Bonded T1 options deliver 3.0 Mbps, 4.5 Mbps or 6.0 Mbps
  • Full duplex, symmetrical serviceStatic-IP addresses included
  • Router rental includedDomain name registration or transfer
  • Optional cost-effective managed security solutions (firewall, anti-virus/anti-spam, VPN)


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