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BLOG / Subscription Data Reveals that VoIP is Poised to Overtake Traditional Telephone Services
Traditional telephone service, also known as Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), is contingent on aging infrastructure on which there is almost no innovation taking place.

BLOG / Report Shows How the Cloud Has Changed the Role of the CIO
A recently released report from Oracle discussed how the cloud is changing the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO).

BLOG / Small Businesses Seek Out VoIP Subscriptions for Better Functionality and Cost Savings
A 2014 report released by Software Advice revealed that small businesses are shifting to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions, but many continue to rely on mobile and landlines.

Featured White Papers

WHITE PAPER / The Evolution of Voice Communication - VoIP: The Replacement of POTS

This white paper will explore the constantly evolving technology-centric VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) market.

WHITE PAPER / Hotspot 2.0, Gigabit Wi-Fi and Business Wi-Fi - How Trends in Wi-Fi Are Shaping Business

This white paper will examine the developments in Wi-Fi and the current market trends and forecasts. The development of new technologies promising faster and more reliable speeds will be discussed, as well as the adoption of Hotspot 2.0 technology. 

WHITE PAPER / Emerging Trends in Business Telecommunications - 3 Major Telecom Impacts on Business

This white paper will examine the overall trends and issues currently trending in the telecom industry. Long-term trends (2014 - 2017), as well as, short-term trends will be examined.