Lightning Fast Wireless Internet Access

Are you looking to take your business wireless?

Wireless phones are not the only technology capable of keeping you mobile. Wireless Internet, or Wi-Fi Internet access, from BullsEye can help you stay connected no matter where your day-to-day tasks take you in the workplace. This allows you to stay mobile and stop limiting your broadband Internet to a single location in the building. Wireless Internet Access from BullsEye gives you increased productivity, convenience and savings without the hassles of cumbersome cables.

  • Super-fast broadband internet speeds
  • Real-time mobility gives you up-to-date information anywhere in your business
  • Realize increased productivity and service opportunities not possible in a wired environment
  • Increased scalability and flexibility to meet your unique business needs
  • It’s easy to get up and running when you eliminate pulling cable through walls and ceilings
  • Convergent billing, offering a single invoice for all your BullsEye Telecom services and rebilling your other services
  • True nationwide coverage network coverage from a single partner
  • Cutting edge solution when you combine your wireless Internet access with your voice, MPLS, network security and other BullsEye Telecom solutions


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