Call Recording

Always-On, On-Demand Call Recording at Your Fingertips

Let’s face it … customer conversations are crucial and have a direct immediate impact to your business. This real-time and historical perspective of your interactions translates to a better understanding of customer service issues and improved business processes.

The benefits of an always-on, on-demand VoIP call recording solution are now at your fingertips. BullsEye’s enhanced Digital Voice Recording solution offers the industry’s most powerful workforce tools for you and your team to help monitor, analyze and enhance individual and group performance.

Whether you run a VoIP-based enterprise call center or are looking for a solution to help you manage your in-store retail employees, Digital Voice Recording is the ideal complement to your multi-location Hosted PBX solution.

Amp Up Your Business Efficiency and Strive for Five

Set benchmarks for your team and raise performance levels. You can configure your Call Recording solution to fit your unique business requirements. View team performance or aggregate data and view trends for specific agents. You’ll control it all via our easy-to-use, web-based, portal that also offers 25+ other report analytics along with the ability to control all of your call recording and monitoring features. 

What's in it for you?

  • Increase revenues by promoting strong sales techniques
  • Raise the bar on first call resolution and deliver a legendary client experience with flexible call recording playback and storage options
  • Create transparency across the organization when you standardize and improve staff training on call handling techniques
  • Enhance operational efficiency by sharing information quickly, seamlessly and securely without the need to transcribe
  • Protect your business and reputation when you save recordings for compliance
  • Minimize risk and resolve disputes more effectively by documenting phone-based transactions
  • You’re in full control with on-demand call recording with the ability to pause or resume recording based on sensitive data
  • Fully integrated with BullsEye’s Digital Voice reporting platform
  • Highly scalable up to 5,000 seats per account
  • Download, email, and distribute Audio files in .WAV and MP3 formats or as one of these file types in a zip file
  • Supports business practices that promote adherence to security and regulatory requirements
  • Add notes and annotations directly to a specific time of any call leg and share with others so they can easily locate the portion of the recording that is being referenced plus support store call legs as separate files
  • BullsEye’s Digital Voice reporting platform supports outputting data in CSV, Excel and PDF formats for easy integration with CRM and Analytical applications
  • Retrieve calls based on date range, caller ID, duration, extension, etc. and download or email any of your call history. Automatically pause/resume via DTMF
  • Flexible playback and storage options including 3 months, 12 months and “in-house” storage
  • Custom Call Evaluation categories allow you to set your own metrics and their score weighting to evaluate Call Handling, Closing Techniques, Technical Knowledge and other Customizable Categories
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