Contact Center

Your Cloud Delivered Call Center Solution

BullsEye Contact Center allows agents to perform call control functions directly from their desktops for IP phones or analog phones.

Give Call Center Agents and Supervisors Desktop Call Control

Using BullsEye Contact Center, large and small enterprises can set up call centers anywhere via PC and a broadband connection without additional hardware, software or traditional phone lines. Agents are able to work remotely with access to all call features, distributing call center functionality to meet their organization's demands.

Increase Productivity and Improve Caller Satisfaction

BullsEye's Contact Center application gives managers the ability to monitor and record agent calls, manage training gaps and maintain standards. The advanced reports available through BullsEye's Contact Center solution give supervisors access to caller activity such as call abandonment rate, averages time to answer, wait time and call duration. Supervisors can leverage this information to manage costs by determining appropriate staffing levels, while also effectively handling peak hours in Call Center demand.

Better Management of Your Technology

BullsEye does more than just deliver the necessary connections, hardware and software for multi-location businesses. Our approach makes it possible for us to deliver the technology, processes and support your telecom initiatives require.

What's in it for you?

  • Improved customer experience by routing callers to the right person and ensuring that every call is responded to quickly
  • Fully-integrated and bundled with BullsEye’s full suite of cloud-based communications solutions
  • Streamline business processes with the right monitoring tools to ensure you have the appropriate number of agents to handle call volume and activity
  • Eliminate the hassle and complexity of maintaining premise-based equipment and significantly reduce operating expenses
  • Use call recording to enhance opportunities for coaching, training and recognition
  • Call recording also helps protect against fees and penalties when you ensure that agents are saying the right things and complying with federal and state regulations
  • Fully-integrated with BullsEye’s hosted phone system so you enjoy a single cloud-based managed VoIP solution
  • Real-time monitoring to ensure you always have the appropriate number of agents available to handle call activity
  • Contact Center keeps you on top of call volumes and helps you accommodate for spikes in call activity
  • Queue monitoring to ensure all calls are being responded to in a timely manner and ability to see which queues may need additional agents 
  • Web-based controls to allow agents and supervisors to access and manage call queues without the need to download software or install plug-ins
  • Call recording to help in coaching and training situations
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