Hosted PBX

Maximize Your Features with VoIP

As a leading managed communications provider, BullsEye delivers customized services to multi-location companies.

Make Your Life Easier When You Host Your Phone System in the Cloud

Hosted IP PBX is an increasingly popular solution that allows you to evolve into the latest communications technologies without the hassle of managing or maintaining an on-premise PBX. Focus your resources and your team on key business initiatives instead of running a phone system.

Currently Using a Key System?

BullsEye's VoIP Key System  helps businesses ready to move from POTS to VoIP retain the familiarity of a "key type" system for their users. BullsEye's VoIP Key System was designed to replicate a traditional key system while integrating the latest technology and best practices that are reflected in a VoIP-based product.

Fully Scalable Whether You Have One or 1,000 Locations

Whether you are a single location dental office or a 1,000 location retailer, you can count on our experience to deliver the technical insights and industry knowledge to support your needs as you grow and expand. With Hosted IP PBX from BullsEye, you'll get the hardware you need and access to our entire lineup of advanced PBX features — allowing for increased efficiencies and improved reliability — with no upfront cost.

Managing communications across multiple locations can be a real headache. Let us help you ease the burden of multi-location telecom management, saving you time, money and overall hassle. BullsEye can help you achieve a truly optimized telecom environment that's tailored specifically to your company's unique preferences, needs and goals. Our extensive network of national carriers allows us to deliver the latest in VoIP capabilities.

What's in it for you?

  • Reduced total cost of ownership and immediate cost savings
  • Eliminate maintenance costs with a fully managed cloud solution
  • Smarter call management with value-added features such as Call Hunting, Simultaneous Ring, Find-Me/Follow-Me, Virtual Telephone Number and many other productivity-enhancing features
  • Greater control over your call management via powerful online tools such as the digital voice portal and My BullsEye Account (MBA) telecom management
  • Built-in disaster recovery and business continuity to reroute calls via the digital voice portal
  • Eliminate traditional voicemail hassles with unified communications capabilities
  • Nationwide coverage and legendary customer service
  • Eliminate waste when you pool and burst call paths across multiple locations
  • Measured, bundled and unlimited seats
  • IP telephone set included with each seat license
  • Customized flexible calling plans to meet unique calling requirements
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