Line Pooling and Bursting

Experience Multi-Location Savings with DV Flex.

Predicting how many lines your business needs can be tricky. Buy too many and your costs can skyrocket. Buy too few and you risk not having enough lines to handle peaks in call traffic. And when you're working across multiple locations, it gets even more complex — one location may be overloaded while others sit idle.

Line Pooling.

With DV Flex, all of the lines your company purchases are in a "single pool" that can be used at any location interchangeably, allowing you to share lines across all locations and therefore cut the total number of lines you need. Line pooling lets you save costs by purchasing a pool of lines large enough to meet the entire organization’s peak usage needs without having to purchase a fixed number of call paths per location.

Bursting Lines.

Line bursting will dynamically turn up an additional line if all of your current lines are in use and turn it down automatically when you no longer need it. These dynamically bursting lines prevent busy signals, improve the overall customer experience and speed up business processes. Bursting is an ideal solution for businesses that have generally steady call volume, but may receive major spikes in activity during certain times.

Let Us Help You Customize the Optimal Telecom Solution.

Our list of services goes on and on. We can help you identify the ones you need and the ones you don’t. Our clients depend on us to always deliver quality connections and superior customer service with a personal touch. We'll work hand-in-hand with you to provide the insight and support you need to optimize your telecom environment.

What's in it for you?

  • Call path pooling across multiple locations since call paths are not dedicated to a single location
  • As long as you have two locations and use 50 call paths, Digital Voice Flex supports your immediate growth needs
  • Ideal for any businesses that have periods where call volumes spike: seasonal businesses, call centers, non-profits, restaurants, etc.
  • Burstable channels allow for more call paths than normal to activate when high call volumes occur
  • Pooled call paths will "burst" when volume spikes occur
  • Eliminate waste and pay for what you need, only when you need it
  • Manage your call volume more effectively — address your call volume needs where they are now while allowing room for short-term spikes during busy/peak calling hours
  • Bursting allows you to accommodate spikes in call volume and avoid calls being blocked or dropped
  • Celebrate a busy season or business spikes without worrying about having enough trunk capacity for taking extra simultaneous calls
  • No out-of-pocket costs or expensive equipment to maintain
  • A single consolidated invoice solution for all of your services and locations
  • Available for Hosted PBX, SIP, Integrated Voice and IP-PRI solutions
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