We Speak VoIP

Whether you're a single location small business, multi-unit franchise or Fortune 500 enterprise, your company can benefit from the features and capabilities available with Voice over IP (VoIP). VoIP gives you the ability to make telephone calls over a broadband connection. By bringing your company's voice and data together with a single provider, you'll experience increased efficiency, reliability and scalability, all while reducing your overall telecom costs.

What Makes BullsEye's VoIP Services Different?

Unlike other providers who offer VoIP only, we are able to provide traditional analog phone lines as well. While our VoIP offering ranks among the best available, we've found many instances where companies aren't ready to fully commit to moving their entire organization to a 100% VoIP solution. For some organizations, a phased approach from traditional analog lines to VoIP is preferred, and others simply like having analog redundancy.

If you decide to work with a provider that offers only VoIP, you end up juggling multiple providers—your analog provider(s) and your VoIP provider. With BullsEye as your VoIP provider, you'll achieve ultimate flexibility. Want to start with a few locations for VoIP and keep your other locations on traditional analog phone lines? We can do that. And best of all, you get a single, convenient bill for all of your locations.

And It Doesn't Stop There.

When you partner with BullsEye, you’ll gain access to a number of cutting-edge online management tools, including: