Hosted PBX - BYOD

Keep Your Equipment While Improving Your Connectivity

As a BullsEye customer, we'll take an in-depth look at your current environment, services and features and provide strategic recommendations for developing the right set of services based on your telecom requirements. If you're looking to a premium Hosted PBX solution but don’t want to give up your existing hardware or you recently made an investment into new VoIP hardware, BullsEye’s Hosted PBX - BYOD is the ideal solution.

Keep Your Hardware. Improve Your Connectivity.

We understand a VoIP phone system can be a significant investment, so keep your existing hardware and we'll upgrade you to a premium Hosted PBX. Hosted BYOD gives you utra-competitive Hosted PBX and Digital Voice rates while still using your own Hosted PBX-compatible phone. With Hosted BYOD, BullsEye delivers digital voice service through a variety of hardware including Polycom, Aastra, Grandstream, Mitel, Cisco, VTech and other popular industry brands.

Experience Dramatic Savings.

We’ve been helping our clients achieve 37%-50% savings and simplify the management of their multi-location VoIP solution for more than a decade. Additionally, BullsEye lets you mix and match to get more from your solution. When you select our BYOD solution and add on Hosted PBX seats, we'll provide you with Polycom phones for free.

Let Us Help You Simplify Tour Telecom.

As a BullsEye client, we'll work hand-in-hand with you to provide the insight, proactive support and strategic guidance to optimize the telecom in your organization. We're ready to provide the technical insight to support your needs as your organization grows and expands.

What's in it for you?

  • NO new hardware costs and the ability to leverage your existing investment with seamless integration while enjoying average savings anywhere from 37%-50%
  • Greater flexibility with the option for you to mix-and-match your Hosted BYOD solution with our fully-hosted solution with Polycom phones
  • Simplify with one partner for all your locations and telecom needs including broadband, analog POTS, virtual numbers and broadband aggregation
  • Eliminate billing nightmares with a single, easy to understand invoice for all your locations and services
  • Greater control over your call management via powerful online tools such as digital voice portal and My BullsEye Account (MBA) telecom management:
    • Better control and greater accountability with intelligent analytics at your fingertips
    • Keep track of issue resolution through a single portal
    • Independently manage Digital Voice call features
  • Eliminate waste with our Digital Voice Flex solution that lets you pool and burst call paths across multiple locations
  • Mobilize your operations with BullsEye UC and improve service with call center capabilities
  • Compatible with popular VoIP hardware brands including Polycom, Panasonic, AASTRA, GrandStream, Mitel, VTech, Cisco, Yealink, Snom and Spectralink and many more
  • Mix and match Hosted BYOD with BullsEye’s fully hosted solution
  • Call Management, reporting and analytics via a single portal
  • Measured, bundled and unlimited seats
  • Customized flexible calling plans to meet unique calling requirements
  • Add BullsEye UC desktop, tablet and smart phone app for greater collaboration and mobility
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