Integrated Voice

Transition to Digital Voice in a Smooth and Stable Manner

If you currently have traditional POTS lines but don't want to take a full dive into VoIP then you are the ideal candidate for Integrated Voice. Integrated Voice allows you to make the transition to Digital Voice in a smooth, stable and methodical manner.

Get the Features of a VoIP Solution While Keeping Your Existing Equipment.

Integrated Voice provides you with all the features and savings benefits of Digital Voice while keeping your analog equipment. Making the switch to Integrated Voice is simple and there is no out-of-pocket expense since you are using your own equipment.

Phones at No Cost When You’re Ready.

When you are ready to update your equipment, you can upgrade to BullsEye's Hosted PBX that comes complete with the latest phones to fit your business needs at no cost. Choose from a complete lineup from HD phones for desks and cubicles to cordless options for situations where mobility is needed.

Improve Your Technology at Your Own Pace.

Whether your company currently relies on traditional POTS lines, VoIP capabilities or both, BullsEye will meet you where you are and provide you with a road map for evolving to technology that integrates seamlessly with your environment and long-term goals.

What's in it for you?

  • Improved operational efficiency with a single provider and point of contact to manage all your business communications with comprehensive service and support
  • One bill for all of your digital voice services with your other business voice, data and wireless services 
  • Do more and increase your business productivity with advanced features
  • Eliminate waste when you pool and burst call paths across multiple locations
  • Benefit from all of the features of a digital voice solution while keeping the familiarity of your existing phones and equipment
  • Make the switch to Integrated Voice with no CAPEX required
  • Legendary service and support with a 24/7/365 U.S.-based single point of contact
  • From POTS to Integrated Voice and an eventual growth into Hosted PBX, one provider guides you with a risk-free path every step of the way
  • Nationwide coverage for all of your services in all of your locations
  • Single point of contact and accountability for comprehensive service and support
  • On-the-fly call management via our My BullsEye Account (MBA) online portal
  • Combines voice and data traffic over dynamic broadband connection
  • 35 standard and optional call management features
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