Telecom Management Simplified.

BullsEye will do more than just deliver the necessary connections, hardware and software across your multi-location facilities. We make telecom management easier. By consolidating invoices and points of contact, containing costs, optimizing performance and continually evolving your enterprise level communication systems, we're able to deliver the advanced technology, strategic processes and comprehensive support your telecom initiatives require.


BullsEye begins with a complete needs assessment. Statement of Work (SOW), current invoices and site survey. We then build a customized solution uniquely designed for your business.


With our proprietary migration technology, relationships with underlying carriers and robust billing system, rest assured that every location that you want on your invoice will be consolidated.


Once all of your analog lines are migrated , we optimize your inventory for you so you can achieve improved standardization, We can also provide a customized invoice with GL codes that match your accounting system.


Once we've optimized your inventory, we'll clean up features and eliminate unauthorized third-party charges. You'll get only the services you need - and not one line or feature more. This will help you create a reliable service environment and establish predictable costs.


We'll consult with you to determine which products and services you'll need to meet your changing telecom needs. We'll recommend technology that's relevant to helping your business adapt to the dynamic business climate. Finally, BullsEye's ability to offer traditional voice and VoIP provides a risk-free roadmap to leverage new technologies and sets us apart from other providers.

And It Doesn't Stop There.

When you partner with BullsEye, you’ll gain access to a number of cutting-edge online management tools, including: