7 Signs Your Phone and Internet are Costing You Too Much

And how to make the change to more cost-effective services.

I don’t need to tell you this, but I will anyway. “Your phone and Internet are costing you too much and not offering you enough value.” How do I know this? Because I’ve talked to a lot of owner operators just like you.

These days, telecom has become more than just your phone line. It’s your Internet, (because your clients now submit online orders), it’s failover for business continuity (and backup during the Super Bowl), it’s also your network firewall … I could go on, but you know what I’m talking about.

So let’s review:

#1. You have multiple vendors.
One for your phone service, another for PCI Compliance, another for your broadband, and more. Think about how many vendors you may end up having to deal with if you owned five locations.

#2. You have multiple support numbers.
How many do you have to call just to get the right assistance and how long do you have to stay on hold?

#3. Processing invoices are a headache.
Have you ever calculated the time it takes you to process the telecom invoices for all your different services? According to an independent study, an average invoice processing costs is $35 an invoice.

#4. You’re missing sales opportunities and you’re not sure why.
Ever wondered why Store C seems to miraculously stop receiving orders ½ an hour before closing time? Are orders really not coming in, or are opportunities going unanswered.

#5. You’re spending more time answering calls on directions, stores hours, etc. instead of taking orders.
How many calls a day do you get from customers who ask about your specials, directions, or even store hours? Wouldn’t you rather have an automated message to answer these questions and your employees take orders?

#6. You’re Internet crashes frequently and you can’t process credit cards.
When was the last time your Internet went down during the lunchtime rush and you couldn’t process credit cards?

#7. Your phone rates keep getting higher.
Last but not least, how are you dealing with those rising phone rates? The cost of copper isn’t getting any cheaper, are you sure you’re going to be able to continue “eating” the cost that AT&T and some of the other large providers pass on to you.

If this post has hit you hard, it’s intended to. There is an opportunity for you to simplify your telecom, be more efficient, and save. Even if it means simplifying your invoice processing, it’s worth looking into!

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