Better Communication Improves Franchise Relations

Clear communication between the franchiser and franchisee is integral to the growth and sustainability of almost any franchise business.

By utilizing communication channels like mass email, forums, and personal check-ins, the franchiser can help address areas of improvement for individual franchisees as well as the overall business model.

Franchisees Can Provide Relevant Business Feedback

While analyzing trends and patterns in sales data is critical to the success of a business, franchisees that interact with customers on a daily basis can help add a needed element to the puzzle.  Since franchisees engage with customers regularly, they’re able to provide information for franchisers to gauge how well a brand may be viewed in the marketplace.

Implementation of a Multi-Tiered Support System

In some instances, franchisees may feel like they’re not getting the support they need. Many franchisees might be hesitant to reach out to the franchiser for assistance in fear of appearing incompetent.

The implementation of a standardized system for direct franchiser-franchisee communication and support can make communication less intimidating and more effective.  In addition to regular email communications, the implementation of an online forum where franchisees can offer advice and suggestions may also help create an engaged community while offering necessary support.

An Effective Franchise Value Proposition

It is important to recognize the value of communication in a franchise business. Franchisers should work to build an engaged community versus only having occasional contact with the franchiser.  Frequent engagement keeps franchisees excited about the business and the industry at large with more effective methods of communication.