Improve Responsiveness: Better Customer Service With Digital Voice

Is your small business struggling to keep up with increasing demands for customer service as it expands?

Before you outsource your customer service department to a third party (where you have little control over how your valuable customers are treated and where their issues have no guarantee of speedy resolution) consider streamlining what you already have in place and staying in control of your customer interactions.

Customer service is any interaction with the customer. Whenever anyone associated with your company speaks with, emails or otherwise has contact with a customer, service should be provided! Customer service can consist of:

  • Answering a question about a product or service
  • Providing information about a specific benefit or feature
  • Troubleshooting a problem
  • Discussing an issue
  • Accepting feedback
  • Dealing with warranty issues
  • Checking on shipping information or tech arrival time

Customer service is often overlooked by small business owners who see it as an afterthought. However, customer service is the one way in which you can make your company stand out against your competitors – if you sell the same product or service, but you offer a better customer service experience, word will get around!

Digitial Voice Can Help You Be #1 in Customer Service

When your business finally gets past the “struggling start-up” portion of the program and starts expanding rapidly at last, it’s easy to get frustrated and overloaded trying to keep up with demands for your products or services, let alone customer service requests.

Switching from traditional telephone service to a digital voice solution from BullsEye can streamline your customer service department!

  • When a customer calls, being put on hold instantly can be annoying. An auto attendant that allows the customer to select options that fit his or her needs will both get them to the correct department more quickly than if they had to wait in queue for the receptionist, and makes the customer feel good about your company thanks to the efficiency with which inbound calls are handled.
  • Employees from different offices can be tapped to help out with customer service – phone numbers can be assigned to employees and ring through to various devices and locations.
  • Calls can be answered more quickly with call groups that ring multiple phones simultaneously so the person who is free can pick up immediately. Calls can also be set to ring through to a series of numbers within a group, allowing the call to move up the chain until someone who is available picks up.

These are just a few of the benefits your small business can reap with a BullsEye digital voice solution.

Using digital voice features to streamline your company’s handling of inbound calls can put your business over the top when it comes to customer satisfaction. It’s a simple, cost effective way to enhance your good reputation!