Enrich Your Franchise Business with BullsEye’s Digital Voice Portal

BullsEye’s Digital Voice Portal can make management easier.

Running a franchise business often means intermittent employee turnover and the need for dense system management. The need for constant reconfiguration can slow business down and make for less than ideal customer service experiences. However, a Digital Voice Portal from BullsEye makes on the spot or on the go management easy.

Franchise ownership can be infinitely easier when proper tools are used for system management. Centralizing your voice portal system can provide you with the tools you need to both run your business effectively and create an ideal customer experience.

Improve Customer Service with Auto Attendant

Possibly one of the greatest benefits of a BullsEye digital voice portal is what the auto attendant feature delivers. Start by configuring hunt groups and auto attendants, manage them online form anywhere, anytime, and discover how streamlining your inbound calls improves both employee efficiency and customer satisfaction. Want to see where room for improvement lies? Simply pull the call records for any hunt group or auto attendant, and you can easily track productivity and monitor call resolution.

Customize for Each User

Your digital voice portal should also give you customized control. With BullsEye, you can quickly and efficiently complete common tasks such as searching for users, maintaining user profiles, and even resetting passwords – all without having to call for IT support! The visual manager device (VMD) shows you soft keys on the visual image of any user’s phone on your own PC so you can click on them and assign speed dial or special functions remotely.

Organize your Employees and your Departments

No more hassle is involved when adding users or separating them into groups. A centralized voice portal lets you quickly set up different departments for your franchise office and assign users to them. Time and holiday schedules can also be managed within the system, and made visible to all users, and both personal and common call lists can be managed through an enterprise directory. All phone lines can also be routed to a different number with Disaster Redirect, simplifying emergency protocols and allowing you to provide phone support from an alternate location if needed.

Monitor and Improve User Performance

The BullsEye dashboard shows you every user in a group, what device they are using, and whether or not they are currently on a call. Settings such as call forwarding can be managed remotely, and records can be exported to email, PDF or CSV in an instant if needed. This means you have the ability to closely monitor users and target them for additional training if they fall down on the job – or offer them rewards for a job well done!

A premier level digital voice provider gives you the tools you need to run your franchise efficiently, giving you an easy way to improve customer experiences and taking the hassle out of internal voice system management. With indefinite scalability and flexibility, a BullsEye system could be the one thing your franchise needs to set itself above the competition.