How Cloud Based Collaboration Increases Productivity

The level of productivity exhibited within an office is commonly considered to be one of the most powerful indicators of overall corporate success.

Many of the most productive approaches to modern business operations revolve around the use of cloud based collaboration.

A recent study conducted by Forbes, found that 64% of executives conclude that cloud business tools allow their companies to function more quickly overall. The cloud can accelerate a company’s procedures by replacing traditional, in-person conferences with digital communication solutions. Real-time video can instantly link together individuals that live all around the world, which eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming business trips. The cloud also reduces wasted time by enabling all employees to have access to the most recent project developments without having to sift through email or voicemail updates.

The same study by Forbes also noted that 59% of executives believe that the cloud contributes to workplace innovation. By implementing cloud based communication within an office setting, a company can create an environment of growth. If individuals are able to effortlessly share and build their ideas with one another through cloud access, they will be more likely to contribute work that exceeds expectations, as well as suggest creative ideas for improvement.

No matter how detailed and promising a business model may be initially, the achievements of a company still largely rely on the work of every individual that executes the inner operations. Adopting cloud based communication is one of the most efficient ways to create prosperous business.