How to Cut Costs When Communicating in a Global Marketplace

Cost is one of the crucial factors in many companies’ decision about which telephony provider to use.

VoIP phone services can not only provide a cost efficient solution, but is often the best option for quality, especially when it comes to global communication. Being able to access high quality voice and data communications services can help with cost containment.

Cost Cutting 101

Cost containment can generally be achieved in one of two ways: either by pre-setting a budget and controlling it to prevent overspending; or cutting expenses without being indiscriminate and hurting the bottom line of the company (which includes customer satisfaction).

A good example of properly achieved cost containment is finding a new source for a necessary item that will provide the same (or a better) level of service or product at a lower cost. This saves the company money without compromising quality. In the case of telephony services, switching to internet phones can significantly cut present and future costs and improve global communications.

Why VoIP?

VoIP phone services for businesses creates opportunities for cost containment and higher productivity, enabling companies of all sizes to become more efficient and profitable without sacrificing call quality or features. When it comes to international calling, the benefits are even better; VoIP allows for extremely inexpensive calls between most countries, making global communication less expensive.

The benefits of voice VoIP include:

Lower overall costs monthly / annually. Internet phone services are not regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the same way that traditional telephony is, meaning there are less fees and taxes. In addition, VoIP allows you to avoid the expensive interconnection charges that phone calls between carrier networks incur.

Lower costs for maintenance. The need for PBX maintenance and IT work is eliminated when hosted voice VoIP is implemented, reducing the need for third party technicians or dedicated in house staff.

Easy scalability, expansion and relocation. The cost of traditional wiring for phone service can run between $150 – $200 per desk, and every time your company expands into new space these costs are duplicated. Internet phones allow lines to be added at anytime, anywhere, and can be used from a variety of devices.  Conference calls are a snap and video and file transfer are options to explore.

Productivity increases. Mobile apps for VoIP phone services keep employees connected and working even when out of the country, telecommuting from a hotel or the road, or at home trying to quarantine a flu bug.

VoIP phone service is ideal for companies with a global presence as they allow connections to be made even after hours without having to visit the office or give out home phone numbers. With internet phones, business can be conducted from anywhere, with communications made to anywhere, at any time – without worrying about high connectivity or usage charges.

Switching to VoIP can be a huge step towards cutting business expenses associated with global telecommunications. If your company is struggling with the increasing costs of doing business in a digital world, making the move to voice VoIP could be the one cost containment measure that delivers dependable results with even high quality than before.