Leveraging Mobility to Transform The Way You Do Business

Mobile is on the up and up and more and more workers are carrying smartphones and tablets.

We’re seeing more of our colleagues and coworkers with their tablets out at meetings versus traditional pen and paper and opting instead to capture ideas and concepts into apps like Evernote.

As these devices become more common and adoption rates increase, organizations are looking for ways to leverage this trend to transform the way they do business.

Leveraging Mobility

Making the transition to enterprise mobility presents tangible benefits to the organization aside from being able to take phone calls and respond to emails while out of the office.

Here are 4 benefits of leveraging mobility that can transform the way your company does business.

  1. Accessibility – The “cloud technology” is hot right now and we’re seeing more and more companies moving their files and applications to the cloud. With the ability to access files and applications from anywhere, workers are able to collaborate in spite of their geographic location. Businesses also have access to an expanded pool of available talent to choose from.
  2. Service – Send a notification to your customer’s mobile phone the moment their order ships and add value to the customer experience.  The ability to reach customers on their mobile devices at the right times is just one way companies are leveraging mobile to provide better buying experience.
  3. Sales – Shorten sales cycles and close deals faster. Send your team out with CRM applications integrated within their mobile device, providing quick access to prospect data and increasing productivity. Provide access to online on-demand videos that display complex concepts and present at a moment’s notice.
  4. Operational – Integrate mobile monitoring devices to track in real-time the activities going on at remote locations. Improve response times and make better strategic decisions.

There are many untapped opportunities for organizations to leverage mobility to enhance not just the way their workers communicate and work together, but the way they interact and deliver value to their customers.

What are some ways that your company is leveraging mobility
in your workplace? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.