One check to write. It’s that simple.

Author: Garth Rouble | Director Of Billing Business Development

Telecom expense professionals managing multiple locations, across different states, among different vendors and carriers, are always looking for ways to streamline the management of their communications invoices.

BullsEye Telecom

Maintaining internal account payable staff to manage the variety of service providers a typical enterprise utilizes is expensive and requires coordination to track and trend expenses between disparate vendors.  Consolidating your company’s purchasing and sourcing decisions with BullsEye not only provides a single point of contact for service and support, it also reduces the volume of vendor invoices that need to be processed and the number of checks/payments that need to be issued to a single BullsEye invoice.  With BullsEye billing, you have one check to write. It’s that simple.

Companies that operate across diverse cities, regions, and states are benefiting from BullsEye’s ability to source a full array of technology solutions from a diverse range of carriers; deliver services to your business’ locations; provide 24×7 technical support; and provide you with a single bill. 

BullsEye offers a full suite of the technology leading VoIP, Security, SD-WAN, Wireless Broadband, and Managed Wi-Fi products to support your unique business needs.

BullsEye billing will provide your enterprise with a single consolidated, detailed invoice that is organized by service location.  BullsEye services are organized into summary sections by product line for quick analysis and expense trending.  BullsEye billing can be configured to send individual invoices to each location, or it can support “roll-up” invoicing where each individual location’s charges are rolled up to a total gross billing amount that is presented to corporate headquarters.

BullsEye invoices can be generated and mailed on paper or generated in PDF form and made available for self-service on a secure portal dedicated to your business. Each invoice contains detailed descriptions of charges, including monthly recurring charges, usage summaries, taxes, and one-time charges. Useful data points like GL codes, store/location names, and store numbers allow you to easily import and allocate costs/expenses within your company’s financial and expense management systems.

Contact BullsEye today to learn how your small, medium, or Enterprise business can benefit from BullsEye billing solutions. 

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Contact BullsEye today to learn how your small, medium, or Enterprise business can benefit from BullsEye billing solutions.