BullsEye’s Self-Service Support Tools Reduce Phone Wait Times

Implementing a voice management portal can help boost customer satisfaction.

Getting support for your phone system can be time consuming and frustrating. Hours are spent on the phone waiting for support that could be spent more productively. By implementing a voice management portal, many basic tasks can be self service by either a manager or the employees themselves, creating more time to spend on customer satisfaction.

With BullsEye’s digital voice management portal, an assigned group admin can handle most IT tasks related to the telecom system, and individual end users can do basic configuration to customize the system and achieve higher productivity.

Get Set-up Without the Need for IT Involvement

BullsEye’s centralized voice portal provides an easy way to set up different departments and assign users to them. Time and holiday schedules can also be created, which will be visible to all users, and both a personal phone list and a common call list can be quickly and effectively managed through an enterprise directory. In case of emergency, all phone lines can be automatically funneled to a different number with Disaster Redirect.

Use the Dashboard to Manage Groups and Users

An easy to use dashboard provides access to every user in a group. An administrator or manager can quickly pinpoint which users are on a call and identify the device in use, as well as see and customize settings such as call forwarding. Recent call records and details for any user can be exported with the click of a button to email, PDF or CSV, allowing individual users to be targeted for additional training if needed.

Customize Settings Instantly

The digital voice portal allows for instant customization for any and all users without the need to contact IT or wait for support. User search, profile maintenance, passwords resets and more can all be handled in real time from the settings manager, while the VMD (visual manager device) permits remote customization of each user’s phone keys; just click the soft keys on a visual image of a phone to assign a speed dial number or other special function to each button.

Don’t waste valuable work time contacting and waiting on support to manage your digital voice system. A BullsEye Digital Voice Portal allows you to effectively eliminate the need for constant IT intervention, making day to day management that much easier!