Should My Small Business Head to the Cloud?

For small businesses, growth can be an expensive process. How do you expand without having to trade off high quality service in order to accommodate the quantity of customers you are required to handle daily?

Customer Service Remains a Top Priority

No matter what product or service you sell; the way you handle your customers before, during and after purchase is where you have to beat your competition. While social media outlets and chat buttons on websites are gaining ground as customer service points of contact, the vast majority of customers still feel most comfortable picking up their phone and making a call when they need help.

Making the Switch to Digital Voice

In the past, growing small businesses had only one way of managing increasing numbers of inbound calls; add extra employees, extra telephone lines, and extra hardware. Today, BullsEye’s digital voice solution can effortlessly shift your customer service into the cloud, allowing you to manage multiple locations and agents from your desk or even your home without the need for expensive hardware upgrades and mass hirings.

Benefits of Cloud Based Communications

Benefits of moving your contact center to the cloud include:

  • Auto-attendant. The ability to have calls answered promptly, evaluated immediately and routed instantly to the best person or group of people qualified to handle the issue provides a professional, polished, and highly satisfactory experience to customers.
  • Integration across devices and locations. No more being chained to a specific phone line on a specific desk – today’s cloud technology allows you to assign a number to a person, not a desk, and have calls follow them from location to location or device to device.
  • Significant savings. The cost of a fully staffed brick and mortar customer service department can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Moving the call center into the cloud means more tasks are automated and the entire operation is streamlined to offer quality service.
  • Advanced call handling options. Cloud based departments use Digital Voice to implement a variety of features, including auto attendant, group hunt, call routing, scheduling, individual soft-phone customization, and so on.
  • Almost limitless scalability. With traditional solutions, additional lines, phones and locations can be expensive to implement. Moving to the cloud sets you up for easy expansion at any time – you can even scale back when needed (for example, if you run a seasonal business) and re-expand when business picks up again.

BullsEye’s Digital Voice system can provide a stable space for your most important department within the cloud. This both increases employee productivity and enhances consumer satisfaction – making it a smart choice for any business seeking to expand without losing their reputation for high quality customer care.