Why VoIP Is Right For Your Business: 10 Quick Reasons

Still on the fence about VoIP? BullsEye has collected ten valid reasons why VoIP would be a great thing for your business – whether you are a startup, a mid-sized company, or a multi-million dollar business.

  1. Cost per call. VoIP is just cheaper than traditional phone service. Basic landlines with per minute based charges can quickly make bills unmanageable. With additional charges for additional users, the costs can skyrocket! VoIP can generally be setup with multiple users and unlimited calls for a set monthly fee.

  2. Scalability. With business Voip, you can start small and grow quickly. Adding users, lines and locations is simple – and making changes happens fast, with no need for an in-house IT department to implement every little change.

  3. Ease of Monitoring. If you need to track individual lines, users or calls, you can – VoIP makes it simple to evaluate employee competency, analyze response time, and manage permissions without leaving your office!

  4. Flexibility. Need to work from home? On the road? From a different location? VoIP means being able to connect from anywhere, anytime – as long as you can access the internet, you can access your business phone network.

  5. Auto-Attendant. With VoIP, you can implement a virtual receptionist to streamline calls, taking your support division to the next level. Instead of a generic message, your callers are routed directly to the department they need.

  6. Disaster preparedness. Flooding or tornado activity in the area? No problem. Even if your office goes off grid, your phone network can stay up – just direct your calls to an alternate number and access your system from outside the danger zone!

  7. Consolidated billing. Tired of paying invoices for different vendors at different locations? Business VoIP from BullsEye can include invoicing for services at all of your locations, so you only have one bill to pay every month.

  8. Higher reliability. BullsEye VoIP runs off of a secure bandwith with plenty of backup and failsafes in place to ensure your phones stay in order at all times.

  9. A digital voice management portal. With business VoIP from BullsEye, you can also manage your phone service through an anywhere-access portal. Manage users, re-route calls, and set up groups without ever having to call IT.

  10. Free features. Traditional phone service allows you a selection of features for an additional monthly fee or on a per-use basis. With VoIP, you can access basic features like caller ID, call waiting ID, call forwarding and voicemail as well as advanced options like Find Me Follow Me, Call Hunting, Simultaneous Ring, and more.

Don’t stay stuck in the expensive loop of traditional business phone service. Choose VoIP for business from BullsEye, and enjoy all of the benefits that come with it.