Optimizing WiFi Channels in a Mixed Environment

Sometimes you find that a user’s “Brand X” device doesn’t work reliably, or even at all, with your shiny new enterprise-grade, dual-band WiFi. Troubleshooting these kinds of issues can be a challenge, but the process always starts with “make sure the user’s device has the most current WiFi adapter drivers”. So, you’ve done that, and […]

SD-WAN: A Better Way to Connect

For years in the IT and networking industry, connecting locations together meant having to pay. We paid in time, knowledge, and money by implementing MPLS networks with advanced configurations and routing to support connecting locations or with DM-VPNs that required their own separate knowledge base for configuration and support. In the past few years with […]

How Annual Disaster Recovery Tests Keep You Ready!

BullsEye Telecom adheres to industry standards and provides a best-case scenario of 2N redundancy with two geographically redundant data centers offering systems and services accessible at any time and four nines availability establishing a strict provision of only 52 minutes, 36 seconds downtime per year. Customers are known to opt for a VoIP service provider […]

Key Considerations When Evaluating Contact Center Solutions

Omnichannel customer interactions have revolutionized the call center industry, previously dominated by telephony. The rebranding to contact centers introduced a niche of new technologies and changed the way businesses communicate with their customers. Organizations are continuously trying to achieve increased customer satisfaction and understand the benefits of investing in advanced cloud-based contact center solutions. Along […]

How In-Person Security Awareness Training Can Educate Your High Value Targets

You’ve done a baseline phishing test to see the risk to your organization, you’ve started a simulated phishing program to expose your employees to safe malicious-training emails, and you’ve scheduled regular online trainings. With today’s changing security landscape, a “set it and forget it” approach may not be enough. Regardless of your company’s specific security […]

Cloud Security “Gotcha” Items

CASB (cloud access security broker) providers like Zscaler are taking over the security industry due to their diverse method of deployment and endpoint integration. When migrating to these types of services, what are some of the “gotcha” items that maybe you or your IT person/vendor might not have considered that could play a key role […]

Steps to Strengthen Cybersecurity for Small to Midsize Businesses

In today’s digital age, a cybersecurity framework needs to be part and parcel of our daily life. Every person, business or entity has a digital profile. We’re represented digitally by account numbers, addresses, web transaction cookies, social media chatter, government or regulatory documents, and other personal information recorded at different events and digital touch points. […]

4 Signs That It’s Time to Switch VoIP Providers

A change might be needed. Here’s how to make the big decision. This article is for businesses that are already using a VoIP service provider, but aren’t completely satisfied … Or perhaps suspect they might not be getting everything they should be getting out of their service. The reality is that switching providers can be […]

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